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House Ordos Project Blog – Mission 5

Greetings fans of the Executrix (bonus points if you read last edition’s fluff article)! In this installment of the project blog, I take on the challenge of building and magnetising a Dominus class Imperial Knight – the dreaded Castellan!

This thing was absolutely monstrous! I didn’t count, but there had to be at least 100 components in putting this beast together! The whole thing came over 3 separate sprues:

It was certainly looking to be a challenging build: read more

House Ordos Project Blog – Mission 4

Howdy Blog Fans! You lot are probably sick of me not actually getting to the painting piece of this project yet… well….. that’s still a way off. I am working hard to try and get started on it soon though, but this is project is a marathon not a sprint! Instead i’m going to talk about the dreaded “F” word that is maligned by many 40k enthusiasts. That’s right folks… this update is a fluff piece!

So I have actually had a couple of comments asking me about what the heck IS House Ordos? I will try to answer that question in this edition. How many of you remember Westwood Studio’s “Dune II – The Battle for Arrakis?” (or alternatively “Dune II – The Building of a Dynasty?” The original Ordos Mentat was Ammon. read more

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Caledonian Deathwatch Network

I feel that the image for this post this is a private joke from Dennie 😂

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