One Week to LVO

Practice games have been mixed! Last week I had 2 games against Ynarri, 2 against Death Guard and one against Tau.

Soul Burst is so broken!! If it survives a Ynarri Codex I’ll be very disappointed!

Game one against Ynarri, I was educated on what soul bursting shinning spears can do. My opponent went first, and wiped out my Skyweavers and characters in one turn. The mistake I made was keeping them too close together allowing him to soul burst and attack again. I took them out next turn, but with Soul Bursting Dark Reapers, and 3 Ravagers still on the board, it was “game over man”!  read more

The year of the stinky boys

Hey people, been some time since I last blogged here. In fact, it’s a journey over space and time – six months, different hemispheres and different time zones! But I’m glad to be back in the grim darkness of the Scottish 40k scene, and the brutality that goes with it.

Got a few pummellings at my first couple of events back at Bad Decisions and Rapid Fire respectively, but I feel that was all to the good as I had been out of the loop regards competitive play for the best part of three years. Also, due to real life stuff, I was generally showing up with armies that I hadn’t planned or practiced with at all, therefore I got what I deserved! Picked up my 2016 Tau army built around ghostkeels for one event, and non-Deathwatch Primaris marines for the other, so that was always fail for the fail god. I won only one game at each of those events, with a best sportsmanship award to our team at Bad Decisions all to show for it. I even did myself out of the wooden spoon prize at Rapid Fire, for goodness sake. However, like I said it’s been a good thing – reconnected with some old friends, made new ones and it’s also helped me to discover that I may be over taking the meta lists I used to run, and I need an army that inspires me. read more

House Ordos Project Blog – Final Mission

For the final time, Greetings fans of the Executrix!

So you may recall me mentioning at the end of the previous blog that I had arranged an Arrakis themed battle with my good friend Dennie Nuijten.  Dennie is part of the Alliance Open team and also a member of the ETC team for the Netherlands. What made this particularly interesting, was that he also had an Arrakis themed Imperial Knight army – representing the Harkonnen of Giedi Prime!

Before our game commenced, we felt that it was necessary to get some cool shots of our knights in cool battle poses, so check this out first! read more

Two Weeks to the LVO

Image result for harlequins images 40k

Two weeks to go …. and I’ve decided on my list. After all the drama, I’ve decided to stick with the list I took the the Last Chance Open.

The big issue was whether I dropped the Ravagers. Everybody I talked to though I was mad to even think about dropping them. In retrospect I think I was being overly influenced by the 2 games I lost at the LCO, where they were less than optimal. But looking at all my games in the round, I think they’re the best option  – certainly the most flexible. read more

Episode 86 – Caledonian New Year

We have a brief post Christmas catch up, recap Innes’ Last Chance Open experiences, and have a mini preview of Caledonian Uprising 2019!

Three Weeks to LVO

Image result for harlequins 40 k image

Well, as of the writing of this post, there are just over 3 weeks to go to the LVO 2019. List submission is 25th January, so I’m in my usual pre tournament list panic!

I’m just back from the Last Chance Open, an ITC Major of around 100 people. I took the following list

Game Review: Herald of Oblivion (And a look at the Origins of Games Workshop)

Developed By: Tinman Games

Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android

Genre: Choose Your Own Adventure


Herald of Oblivion is a Choose your Own Adventure interactive digital novel, in which you play the role of an Imperial Fists First Company Terminator Brother Nabor. Your mission is to explore the derelict Space Hulk Herald of Oblivion and discover what secrets it holds! I normally wouldn’t review something like a gamebook as a full article, but there is some history here which interests me, so I hope you find it interesting as well! read more

Game Review: Deathwatch

Developed By: Rodeo Games

Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, iOS, PS4

Genre: Turn Based Strategy


Step into the power armored boots of the Emperor’s finest, as you command a squad of the elite Deathwatch, in their fight against the Tyranid menace! Deathwatch is a turn based strategy game, blended with some TCG and RPG elements, which combine to create an insanely fun experience!


If you’ve played any games similar to X-COM, then Deathwatch will feel very familiar to you. Every mission places you in command of a squad of five Deathwatch Space Marines, and tasks you with a specific objective. These can range from surviving a set number of turns, to killing a specific enemy, or reaching a certain point on the scenario map. To accomplish these tasks, each squad member has a number of Action Points (usually four) to spend during their turn. Each space moved (in any direction, including diagonally) costs one AP, as does making an attack with a basic weapon. The current state of play also changes based on the position of your marines, and what they can actually see. read more

Our Day at White Dwarf

Firstly, Happy New Year to all our followers! Hope you all had a fantastic time celebrating with friends/family/toy soldiers. The keen eyed amongst you may have noticed some familiar faces in this month’s White Dwarf! I thought it’d be interesting to give you all the “behind the scenes” lowdown on this!

I can’t really remember what I was doing the day that Pete Foley sent me and Innes a message on Twitter. I want to say playing Star Wars Battlefront 2? From a quick skim back, it was all the way back in April of 2018! He told us that he was a listener of the podcast, and that he found our views really interesting. This was a surprise to be sure, but definitely a welcome one. We had no idea that HQ was listening to what we had to say, never mind actually feel happy enough to reach out to us for a chat. read more

Road to the LVO Update

I’m afraid real life has been kicking my butt recently, and I’ve been a bit remiss in reporting on tournaments and the development of my list for the LVO.

So, to bring all of you (who care!), up to date –  I’ve been to 3 tournaments since STO4, the Freedom GT (2 days, 4 Games, ETC rules set), Winter War (one day, 3 games), and the Grand Strategist GT (2 days, 5 games, ETC rules), and bluntly my performance has been pretty poor (4-9 for those keeping score)!

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3 weeks ago

Caledonian Deathwatch Network

I feel that the image for this post this is a private joke from Dennie 😂

But seriously go buy tickets to these insanely good events!T-Minus 9 hours for 'Allied Annihilation' ticket drop-off.

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