Cry Havoc 2018 @ Dell Farquharson
Jun 2 all-day

This pack should cover everything you should need to know to compete in this tournament, but if you need any additional information feel free to contact us.

Alternatively feel free to join the DWARF forums and we’ll be happy to answer any questions:


Payments can be made on the day or by PayPal to [email protected]

The Tournament will take place in the club’s regular venue:

09:00 till 18:00 on the 2nd June 2018


Rules Pack

Eternal Warrior II @ Common Ground Games
Jun 17 all-day


Eternal Warrior II is a Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition Matched Play Tournament, which will take place on the 17th June 2018 at Common Ground Games in Stirling, Scotland:

Common Ground Games
40 Cowane Street

Please also check out their website as well if you would like to find out more details about the venue and how to get there!


Common Ground Games


What can I include in my army?

For this event, armies should be no greater than 2000 points in size. Your army should follow the below guidelines. If you have any questions about army composition, please contact us at

[email protected]


Your army should fit the below guidelines:

  • All codices and indexes released before the 9th of June may be used at this event
  • Forge World units are permitted
  • Armies must be battle-forged, and can be comprised of a total of 3 detachments. Detachments may be selected multiple times.
  • All models in your army must share at least one Faction Keyword (unless unaligned), and all Models in a detachment must share one faction keyword.
  • All Beta Rules are in effect
  • You must declare which unit is your Warlord on your army roster.
  • Relics, Psychic Powers and Warlord Traits must be declared on your army list and cannot be changed between games.
  • Use of pregame abilities such as extra relic stratagems can be done on a game by game basis and do not need to be declared on the army list.
Ironhammer, an Old School 40k Event! @ Knightly Gaming: Lanark
Jun 30 all-day

Think back to the early 2000’s, When 40k was a simpler time with only one force organization chart. simple Eternal War Missions and Big Freaking Guns!

This tournament is a throw back to a more simpler time, and its going to be EPIC and GRIM DARK to the MAX!!!

Ironhammer is a 1 day event with 3 games of 40k 8th edition and you’ll need to bring the following:

1 1500pt army, made from a Battalion Detachment and 1 other Detachment.
2 copies of your list.
Gretchin slave to carry your army between tables.
Dice and tape measure (and blast templates as they will always be missed)
A copious amount of smack talk.


Each player will be scored on their VP from every game, non of this sliding table shenanigans that seems to have taken over tournaments these days!

So if you score 12 VP in a game that’s 12 points for you that round!

The round missions and deployment will be as follows:
Round 1: Dawn of War, Relic (major Victory is 8 VP, Minor is 4 VP)
Round 2: Hammer and Anvil, No Mercy
Round 3: Vangaurd Strike, The Scouring

Tickets are £16

More Details will be coming soon!


Caledonian Revolution 2018 @ North West Gaming Centre
Jul 14 – Jul 15 all-day


The Revolution returns!

Caledonian Revolution 2018

Friday 13th July – pre-event social and gaming
Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th July – Main event

One hundred 40k players, one hall and one Champion!


What is it?

40k Singles event fought over two days at the Element Games North West Gaming Centre in Stockport. ETC missions and scoring.

When is it?

14-15 July 2018

Where is it?

www.facebook.com/ElementGamesNWGC/Element Games
1st Floor Hallam Business Centre, Hallam Street, Stockport, SK2 6PT

Free Car parking can be found at the venue and next door in a free Council car park.


100 players

How much is it?

Entry is £35.00

Tickets go on sale at TBA from the Element Games Webstore:

What do you get for your ticket?

Lunch both days (Subway Buffet)
Entry into either the Caledonian Uprising main event
Entry into the Caledonian Open gaming events on the Friday night
Lots of prizes, trophies and awards
All your games played on the Element Games North West Gaming Centre’s tables

Food & Drink:

Snacks and drinks will be available on site. Lunch is provided Saturday and Sunday. Please email special dietary requirements (allergies etc) to [email protected].uk.

There are local shops and Takeaways within walking/driving distance if you want to bring or order food in (like during the evening social). The venue is a Licenced Premises and as such no outside drinks, with the exception of water, may be brought into the venue.


FREE PARKING all day outside in the venues shared/private car par and next door in the 46 space Council run car park.

Public transport:

Davenport train station is the closest at a 10-15 minute walk but the main Stockport Station is also only 20-25 minute walk (and you’ll find more frequent trains). You can get the bus from Stockport Station for less than £2.00 each way. And the Bus stops at the end of our road – opposite Premier Inn and is a 2 minute walk.


This purchase is for a virtual ticket and no physical product will be sent out to you. If you discover you can’t attend Element Games can process a refund for you if you email them before 12 noon Wednesday 27th June 2018. Please email [email protected].

If after this time you find you can’t attend we won’t be able to process a refund for you as food, venue space and prizes will have been bought and paid for.

We will start a Reserves list and try and help you sell your ticket onto one of the Reserves.

Scottish Take Over Doubles GT @ The Seaforth Club
Aug 11 – Aug 12 all-day


After the success of the Scottish Take Over Singles Events, I am very excited to bring you the STO’s first Doubles event.

Your list must not exceed 1000 points.
You must have 1 Battalion included.
You may then take any number of other detchaments.
You may not use Aux Detachments
You may not take more than 2 of the same HQ choice.
You may not take more than 3 identical unit choices except for troops choices and dedicated transports.
The amount of reserves able to start off table is determined separately per player, not as a team.
When choosing powers, be aware you will NOT be able to cast the same power more than once PER TEAM, except Smite.

You may pre choose a team mate to pair up with for this event.
You may both team up regardless of what faction you both use.
You can not be effected by any of your team mates abilities or stratagems for any reason. (Effectively two totally separate armies, even if you are the same faction)

Each player will gain cp equal to their detachment allowment.
You will both add your cp together and gain +3 more.
Team 1 had player A and player B.
PLayer A has a battalion, and an outrider detachment =4cp
Player B has 2 battalion detachments =6cp
Team 1 then add these together and add 3 = 13cp
Either team member may use these cp, but must decide as a team how to use them.

We will be playing ITC Championship missions.
These can be found at.

If you dont have a team mate to attend with, fear not. Regardless if we have an odd or even number of attendees, you will be able to play. (We have a player happy to play or drop if needed)

List must be in no later than 10pm on Saturday 4th August.
Please type out your list in a simple to understand email.
Dont send Battlescribe files!!!
Send lists to [email protected]
Please indicate if you have a pre-chosen team mate. Your team mates name. Your team name.

Any players without a team mate will be randomly paired together.

I will then publish the round 1 random draw. Then i will publish the lists. This should be done by Mon 6th Aug.

Sat 11th Aug
Registration 8.30am to 9am
Game 1 9am to 12pm
Lunch 12pm to 1pm
Game 2 1pm to 4pm
Game 3 4.15 to 7.15

Saturday night, Jimmy Chungs Chinese Buffet for those wanting to come along.

Sun 12th Aug
Game 4 9am to 12pm
lunch 12pm to 1pm
game 5 1pm to 4pm
awards 4.15pm to 4.30pm

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies and prizes
Best painted Army

£30 per person.
This gets you 5 games and lunch both days.
Please send payment via paypal to [email protected]
Please label your payment (STO DOUBLES TICKET)

Look forward to seeing you there.

Fire Warrior II @ Royal British Legion Galashiels Branch & Social Club
Sep 22 all-day


1750pts ITC Champions Missions 1 day tournament.

Max players – 26

Rules pack:

The ITC Scottish Open – 2018 @ Knightly Gaming: Lanark
Sep 29 – Sep 30 all-day


The inaugural ITC Scottish Open runs this September! The event will be using the ITC ruleset produced by frontline gaming. Check them out below for more details about the ITC community:


Please see here for the tournament rulespack:


Rapid Fire 2018 @ Stirling Wargamers
Oct 27 – Oct 28 all-day


The one you’ve all been waiting for Rapid Fire returns for 2018. Stirling Wargamers are proud to announce our annual 40K singles event.

We will be releasing information in the upcoming months however to get you started, Rapid Fire 2018 will be a 5 game tournament, over the weekend of the 27th of October, lunch is included on both days and tickets will cost £25.

Scottish Take Over 4 GT @ The Seaforth Club
Nov 3 – Nov 4 all-day


This is it folks, our fouth event, and we are now officially a GT.
To celebrate this milestone, and the speed you have all helped us grow to a GT, i want to make this the best event yet.
Therefore we are going to have more prizes and more throphies than ever before.
So lets get to those rules.

Your list must not exceed 2000 points.
No more than 3 detachments.
You may add a 4th detachment, but this must only be a fortification detachment.
You may not duplicate the same unit choice more than 3 times (This excludes Troop choices, and dedicated transport).
Forgeworld is allowed.
You may not take Aux detachments.
Your army must be battleforged.
Lists must be handed in no later than 10pm on Sat 27th Oct.
Email Lists to [email protected].
Please write them out in a simple to understand format.
Do not send Battlescribe files.

Sat 3rd
Register 8.30am to 9am
Game 1 9am to 12pm
Lunch 12pm to 1pm
Game 2 1pm to 4pm
Game 3 4.15pm to 7.15pm

Saturday night, we will book Jimmy Chungs Chinese Buffet for all those interested.

Sunday 4th
Game 4 9am to 12pm
Lunch 12pm to 1pm
Game 5 1pm to 4pm
Awards 4.15 to 4.30

Trophies and prizes for:-
1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th
Best painted HQ
Best Painted Troop Choice
Best Painted Monster/Tank/Lord of War
Best Painted Army
Best Sportsman

We will be playing the ITC Championship Missions found at

£30 per ticket gets you Lunch both days and 5 games.
Please send payment via paypal to
[email protected]
IMPORTANT:-Im running a few events, so please label your payment (STO4 Ticket)

Look forward to seeing you all there.

The Warhammer 40k Freedom GT @ Common Ground Games
Nov 10 – Nov 11 all-day


In place of the independent GT Scottish heat comes the appropriately named Freedom GT.

This will be using the exact same missions and army selection as the independent GT would’ve done. An updated rulespack will be released in the coming weeks to reflect the change of name, but the important stuff remains the same.

To purchase a ticket please send £40 to the following PayPal address via friends and family:

[email protected]

When purchasing a ticket, please indicate the name(s) of the ticket holder(s), and that you are purchasing a ticket for the event in the notes section when sending payment.