Scottish Take Over Doubles 2 @ The Seaforth Club
Aug 17 – Aug 18 all-day


After the success of our GT ecents, and our doubles event last year, we are very excited to announce our second doubles event.

Fri 16th we will have tables set up for folk to swing by and see the terrain setup, have practice games, and leave their armies in place if they wish.

Sat 17th.
8.30am register
9am game 1
12pm lunch
1pm game 2
4.15 game 3

7.30 pm Pizza for all who want.

Sun 18th
9am game 4
12 lunch
1pm game 5
4.30pm awards

We will be using missions from our GTs. We will first use your feedback to edit them and have them ready asap.
They will require armies to be able to do a bit of everything. So bare that in mind.

Each PLAYER has up to 1000 points to build a list.
You MUST have 1 battalion.
You may have any number of extra detachments you can fit in.
You may not use -1cp aux detachments.

Your team will have the cp that your detachments normally grant, +6.
You may both use this CP pool.
Only one player in a team may attempt to regain a cp per phase. Only 1 cp may be regained per TEAM per game turn.
You may not effect your team mate with any form of abilities, stratagems, auras, or anything similar. (Your armies are totally separate entities)
A TEAM with the same armie, may not use the same stratagem more than once a phase. (No double vect)

We will have 2 stand by players, so if you cant find a team, don’t worry, you can still play.

9th of Aug is list deadline. Please send lists to
[email protected]

Tickets are £35 a person. Your ticket covers 5 games, lunch both days, and a chance at great prizes, and of course the BEER!!!
If you want lots of pizza for dinner on the Saturday at the club, please add £3 onto your ticket price.
Please send payment via PayPal to
[email protected]
(Add note…. payment for sto doubles ticket)

look forward to seeing you there

Bad Decisions III – The Baddening @ Common Ground Games
Sep 21 – Sep 22 all-day


Further Details to be announced soon….

Voidhammer 2019 @ The Seaforth Centre
Oct 5 – Oct 6 all-day


Void Hammer is the North East of Scotland’s premier 2-day Warhammer 40k ITC Tournament.

Up to a maximum of 40 players will compete across 5 games to have fun and win awesome prizes!


Tickets for the tournament cost £30 and include lunch (soup + sandwiches) on both days. To purchase a ticket send £30 via PayPal to [email protected]


We’ll be using the ITC Champion’s Missions for the event:

Army Composition

The following restrictions apply to armies:

– 2,000 points
– Maximum of 3 detachments
– Painted (min 3 colours)

Note also that models must accurately represent the units. If you’re unsure please message us before the event to get it pre-approved.


There will be prizes given out for:

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place
Last Place
Best Painted Model
Best Painted Army

The rulespack will be available soon, but if you have any questions or would like to reserve a place just drop us a message!

The Freedom GT 2 @ Common Ground Games
Oct 19 all-day


The Freedom GT is back!

Returning to Common Ground Games for its second year, the Freedom GT is a 5 round 2-day Warhammer 40K event.

This year we will be using the Glasshammer Guideline Missions. These missions use the ETC mission structure, but instead of maelstrom as secondaries they use ITC secondaries. So the mission structure will look like:
– Eternal War Primary
– ITC Secondaries
– ETC Tertiaries
– Kill point differential
– 20-0 TP scale

Ticket Details:

To purchase tickets please send £40.00 to the following PayPal address through friends & family.

[email protected]

When sending payment, in the notes section please state that you are purchasing a ticket for this event and who the ticket(s) is for.


Mission Pack:

Entrants List:
1) Aidhan Higgins (Returning Champ)
2) Stefan Henryk
3) Bruce Wade
4) Tom Wright
5) Ricci Lowe
6) Sam Goodwin
7) Sean Hunter
8) Daniel Wood
9) Connor Chidley
10) David Hughman

Rapid Fire 2019 @ Stirling Wargamers
Oct 26 – Oct 27 all-day


40k 2000 point 2 day singles tournament

Scottish Take Over 6 @ The Seaforth Club
Nov 9 – Nov 10 all-day

Our 6th GT and we are looking to be bigger and better than before.

As normal we will be at the Seaforth Club in Elgin. Very reliable and safe location. Parking right across the road, and shops all around.

Fri 8th Nov, midday, the hall will be set up and available for players to leave their armies over night, play practice games, and get used to the terrain.

Saturday 9th
8.30 am registration
9am game 1
12m lunch
1pm game 2
4.15 game 3

Sunday 10th
9am game 4
12pm lunch
1pm game 4
4.15 awards

We will also offer a massive amount of Pizza to those wanting dinner on the Saturday night. We have around 6×4 feet delivered, and can be had on sight. We would ask an addictional £3 from folk looking to have dinner on Saturday at the hall.

2000 points
1-3 detachments.
You may take a 4th detachment, but only if it is a fortification detachment.

List deadline Friday 1st Nov 9pm.

All Faqs and Codex released up to this point will be allowed.
Forge World models are also allowed.
Please make sure your army has 3 colours min. If you have unpainted models, you will be allowed to use them, but your opponent gains the rule (reroll 1s on hit rolls when targeting unpainted models)
Lists will be published on Saturday 2nd Nov along with the round 1 draws.

You can find all rules for an ITC event at

[email protected]

Due to price raises of Hall hire, Food, Alcohol, and general prize cost, i have to slightly raise ticket price this year to cover the new costs.
Tickets cost £35 each, this includes lunch both days, 5 games, a huge prize fund. Please add £3 if you would like dinner on the Saturday night at the hall.

Send payment as friends and family to
[email protected]
(Add note “STO 6 ticket” and if you want dinner)

Ticket deadline.
Thursday 31st Oct. 9pm.

We will keep you updated on the event as it draws close.
Look Forward to seeing you all there

The Grand Strategist GT 2 @ Common Ground Games
Nov 23 all-day


Further Details to be announced….

Dark Millennium 7 @ Common Ground Games
Feb 22 – Feb 23 all-day


Dark Millennium returns in 2020 for its 7th year – details to be published nearer the end of 2019. Expect new and exciting customized missions, and a likely points limit of 2000 for your army.

Tickets will not be available until the rules pack is published, also later this year.

Look forward to seeing you all!