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House Ordos Project Blog – Mission 5

Greetings fans of the Executrix (bonus points if you read last edition’s fluff article)! In this installment of the project blog, I take on the challenge of building and magnetising a Dominus class Imperial Knight – the dreaded Castellan!



This thing was absolutely monstrous! I didn’t count, but there had to be at least 100 components in putting this beast together! The whole thing came over 3 separate sprues:



It was certainly looking to be a challenging build:



Thankfully the instruction booklet was decent, and I had a reasonable idea of what parts of the model I wanted to try and magnetise. As before with the questoris class knights, I didn’t feel the need to magnetise the torso joint. This piece was solid enough, and I didn’t think that there would be much to be gained from magnetising here (as opposed to the armigers). I decided that i’d try and magnetise these components:


  • Volcano Lance
  • Plasma Decimator
  • Siegebreaker Cannons
  • Shieldbreaker Missile


I started by building the torso as directed in the booklet. I left things like the twin meltaguns “movable”, but I didn’t really see the point in magnetising any parts here:



The legs were next, and again, I really didn’t see the need for any magnet work here. The pin joint on the torso is really solid, and holds the chassis of the upper body just fine:


Now I was ready to start the magnet work on the arms. You’re probably sick of this diagram already, but for completeness:


  • Green – Super Glue
  • Blue – Bluetack
  • Red – Magnet
  • Brown – Cardboard


So far on other models I’ve magnetised, this really has seemed solid, and nothing seems to have fallen apart or broken (which can only be a good thing!). I put magnets on the shoulder joints and inner torso of the Castellan:



Here is a closer shot of one of the joint “sealed units”:


For the top weapons (cannons + missile), I drilled into the top sections as indicated in the instructions  for gluing them, and sort of “nestled” the magnets inside. I will paint over these when it comes to getting a lick of paint on these guys:



And here is the complete build!


One thing I will add, is that I actually don’t think I am as big a fan of the aesthetics of these knights as I am the questoris class knights. They seem more “dynamic”, whereas this seems more of a walking gun battery (which I accept may be the point!)

I just can’t help but look at him, and compare him to a guy who goes to the gym and never does leg day! Anyway, hopefully you guys enjoyed this edition of the project! Next time, Armiger Helverins!

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