House Ordos Project Blog – Mission 3

Hey everyone! Summer has come and gone, so hopefully we can get back to some hobby related tasks (there is never enough time in the day….)

I was looking for examples of the “pinnacle” of model magnetising, and I stumbled across this little gem on a Facebook group:

I’m not 100% certain, but i’m pretty sure that this is Titus from the Space Marine video game, with all his possible weapon options. I HIGHLY recommend giving this a go if you haven’t already, its a very cool game!

So my next step, was looking at building more knights. I had 2 Knight Wardens from my old Adeptus Mechanicus army, but it had been a while since I was able to field both of these together. I decided that I would give both of them a new home in this new project. Initially, I was posed with the problem of stripping their paint (fortunately the models were built such that the arms could clip on/off and the torso was also removable).

Enter hobby whizz and commission painter, my pal Neil. After me trying to explain to him in a woeful way what i wanted to achieve, he recommended this stuff as prime candidate for the job:








So I bought a good few litres of this stuff, and even got my hands on a Tupperware dish(es) that would be big enough to dunk the knight components in. My strict instructions were as follows:










  • Do not mix the detol with water!
  • Leave the models sumberged for around 48 hours
  • When cleaning up, use a toothbrush for scrubbing paint off the models – keep away from water!
  • Use the detol solution to rinse the model (i.e. dip it in and out)
  • Dab the models dry with paper towels


After following his instructions, I have to say that the results turned out great. The plastic was stained a dark colour (again, I was warned that this would be the case), but the detail on the models was all preserved nicely. One additional warning I would convey – WEAR RUBBER GLOVES! I swear, the gloop on my hands when i tried to rinse them with water afterwards was nothing short of nightmarish. I was feeling like this guy from TNG (Armus i think his name is):


Hot Water, Soap, white spirit – you name it, I tried to use it to clean my hands. After several, several washes it did come off, but definitely save yourselves the pain I went through! The detol also stinks to hell, so make sure your room is well ventilated when you do this.

The colour of the plastic will look something like this when your model is dry and ready to go:

Eventually I was ready to start looking at re-constructing the questoris knights. As before, I went with this method of attaching the magnets:

Green – Super Glue

Blue – Bluetack

Red – Magnet

Brown – Cardboard


I put stronger magnets on each weapon arm:

And also on the shoulder joint:

I decided not to magnetise the torso to the legs on these knights – the joint at the torso is actually pretty solid and strong (in comparison to something like a Wraithknight, which is spindly at best). The carapace rocket launcher had already been magnetised by my friend Paul back in this model’s mechanicus days, but there was one more component I wanted to magnetise. I wanted the option of using the sword AND the gauntlet on the same arm. I didn’t have spare arms, so I decided to magnetise the sword to the gauntlet itself.

Here is a clip of the full construction:


So that’s it! I have magnetised both of my Questoris class knights now. My next task is probably going to be the Castellan (because then at the very least I can get some games in if I want), and then probably the Helverins. I’m definitely enjoying the project, it’s nice to be working on something a bit different, and hopefully you guys are too!

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