Executing the Perfect Long Range Fusion Drive-by (LRFD)

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I’ve been playing a lot recently with my Harlequins. It’s made me think about some of the key tactics in playing the army. While I gather more experience with my list, I thought I would share some thoughts.

First up, the Long Range Fusion Drive By

Harlequins Troupes are notorious for being able to load up with Fusion Pistols and fire them from open topped Starweavers. But how do you deliver the perfect LRFD?

So, setting the scene – there is a big scary thing (BST) that needs to die. The owner of the BST knows that Starweavers can move 16” and that the range of your Fusion Pistols is 6”. However, he also knows you’re using the Soaring Spite Masque form, so you can advance and shoot your pistols at no penalty. This gives you an effective 28” range. So, being clever, he sets up his BST 29” from your deployment line, feeling smug. 

So how do you kill the BST – well there are 2 stages – list building and game play. First list building.

I’ve already mentioned the most important thing – taking the Soaring Spite Masque. Debate rages over what is the “best” Masque form, and will continue to do so. I obviously have my own views, but that’s not the purpose of this article – here we’re talking about executing the perfect LRFD, and to do that, you need to run Soaring Spite.

In your list you have a Shadowseer with Twilight Pathways and Shard of Light (she’s also your Warlord and takes the Skystrider Warlord Trait), a Troupe Master with Falchous Talon (extra 6” move in any Starweaver he’s in) and 3 Troupes with 5 Players all toting Fusions Pistols. They’re all tucked up snug and warm in their Starweavers. You’ve also designed your list to minimise drops (my list currently has 9). Going first is really important for Harlies, and if you get the +1 to go first, and taking a possible seize into account, you have a 62% chance of doing so.

Now onto game play.

First deployment. Ideally you want to place all three Skyweavers on the line directly opposite the BST. Easier said than done, but you can usually deploy other stuff first so you get the idea of where the BST’s going to be.

Your first Starweaver (the Troupe Master’s, with Falchous’ Talon) moves up. The Talon allows it to move another 6”, so it moves up 28”, (16″ move, 6″ extra move, 6″ advance) snuggling up to the BST. The next ‘weaver (with the Shadowseer) moves up 22”. The Shadowseer hops out (using Skystrider) to stand within 3” of the Starweaver. The final Starweaver moves up 22”.

However, not only do you need to execute the perfect LRFD, you also want to survive to do it again. So, you use Prismatic Blurr on the Troupe Master’s Starweaver, giving it a 3++. 

Next, in the Psychic Phase, the Shadowseer casts Twilight Pathways on her Starweaver allowing it to move and advance again to within an inch or so of the BST (cast this first as you want to make sure you use your command re-roll on this one rather than the other powers). And again, because you want them to survive, use Prismatic Blurr again (different phase), to give that Starweaver a 3++. Next, cast Smite on the BST, then use “Vessel of Fate” to let the Shadowseer cast a third power, and cast Shard of Light on the BST. With luck you’ve now put 2d3 mortal wounds on the BST, and reduced it’s leadership by 1 (this bit is optional if you’re tight on Command Points).

So now, 2 of three Starweavers are in double dice range of the BST, but don’t worry, the third one will catch up soon. When you move onto the shooting phase the first thing to fire are the Shruiken Cannons on the 3rd Starweaver. You then use Fire and Fade, to move it up another 7” into double dice range of the BST.

Dont forget to use the Shadowseer’s Grenade Launcher on the BST. If you hit you roll 2d6 against the BST’s leadership (which “Shard of Light” has reduced by one). If you equal or exceed the leadership the BST suffers another d3 mortal wounds.

Now you have all your Fusion Pistols in double dice range of the BST – just pray they don’t wiff!!

Next up – how to assault a Tau gun line.

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