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So in my previous post I said I’ve played 4 games with one of my “possible” lists. The list I’ve played with is

Harlies Battalion (Soaring Spite)


Troupe Master, Fusion, Caress

Troupe Master, Fusion, Caress


Troupe, 4 Fusion, 4 Caresses x 5

Starweaver x 5

Drukhari Spearhead (Black Heart)

Archon, Splinter Pistol, Huskblade

Ravager, 3 Disintegrator Cannons x 3

A quick recap on the games and some thoughts on the list.

Game 1

Against Ravenwing. Two Dark Talons, Samuel, the -1 to hit skimmer and a bunch of bikes (some of them Black Knights). To be honest it was a pretty straight forward game. I was tougher than him, faster than him and packed a bigger punch in combat, and had longer range. However, more importantly he had to come to me ….. and the Ravagers annihilated his Bikes. 

Learning points …. you don’t need to flat out your Starweavers at the enemy every game! And just how amazing Ravagers are against 2 wound guys in power armour.

Game 2

Iron Warriors – a Demon Prince, some HQ guys, 3 units of Chaos Marines in Rhinos, 3 Vindicators, a Sicaran Battle Tank and 3 units of Devastators packing a mix of lazcannons and missile launchers. Again not much of a game. By his own admission my opponent was more of a “fluff” player. Tabled him for the loss of one Starweaver and its Troupe. 

Learning points – fusion pistols melt vehicles (who knew!) and (again) Ravagers are amazing against marines. Was reminded how much Starweavers really don’t care about high strength low volume shooting (but are terrified of Heavy Bolters).

Game 3 

Against Necrons. Two big units of Tomb Blades a bunch of Destroyers (both types), some scarabs and a few Cryptechs. This was the first time I’ve played Necrons since their ‘dex came out … and they are just as annoying to play as ever. I think I must have killed his army at least twice. The thing that worried me was the high volume S5 shooting from Tomb Blades, all of which had [FLY] – so couldn’t be locked down in combat. But I made the classic mistake against Necrons and spread my shooting and assaults across both units, allowing them to regenerate at the end of the turn. Very frustrating. I eventually tabled him, and was also ahead on maelstrom. 

Lesson learned – keep your army together. I good reminder of one of the key things when playing this sort of Harlequin army. I also took the wrong “extra” Relic. I didn’t “process” what a horror Tomb Blades were in overwatch with exploding 6s, and took Cegorach’s Rose on the Solitaire where I should have taken Raiment. 

Game 4

Against Craftworld Eldar – my opponent was an old adversary (and an older friend). Cat Lady, Farseer, Warlock, Autarch (all on foot), 10 Dark Reapers, 3 Fire Prisms, 2 Hemlocks, a Crimson Hunter Exarch and a bunch of Rangers. Reapers are horrible for everybody, but they are particularly bad for Harlies as they by-pass one of our primary defensive mechanisms – the -1 to hit – as of course do Hemlocks. However, other than the flyers his list is pretty immobile, and luckily we rolled a maelstrom mission. 

He got turn one. Cat Lady made the Reapers fire in the Psychic Phase and between that and their normal shooting, killed 2 Starweavers. His flyers brought all 3 Ravagers down to a handful of wounds. Bluntly it didn’t look good. With 2 ‘weavers down I didn’t have the “redundancy” to rush his gun line. So, I decided to trust in the cards (I had drawn some good ones), take down his flyers, and hide. Which is exactly what I did. My only aggressive move was to launch the Solitaire at Cat Lady … and whiff completely. She stepped out of the way and beat him down like a ginger step child. 

Still, the cards were kind and I managed to win the game by staying alive long enough to score more points.

Lessons – again, you don’t need to rush a gun line to win. With reasonable objectives, and los blocking terrain, you can just hide and pounce. I also learned to perhaps deploy more conservatively. When I have fewer drops (which is usually the case – this army has 9) I usually set up “on the line”. It usually works out (I think it’s something like at 67% chance to go first if you have fewer drops and take “seizing” into account). This was the only game of the 4 in which I didn’t go first.  Deployed aggressively, and I really paid for it. Also, I should have reserved the Ravagers using Screaming Jets. It was kinda obvious he was going to fly up with the Hemlocks and target them. And finally, I should have “bought” Cegorach’s Rose for the Solitaire – there were lots of little characters running around he could have murdered with the Rose (re-rolls to wound and straight 3 damage). 

Overall Assessment

I like this list. It’s brutal in assault, has a range of different types of fire power and is very fast. As it stands (i.e. without radical change) I don’t think I would change anything. The only thing it lacks are Command Points. I could take out a Troupe and a Troupe Master, and insert a minimal Drukhari battalion (another Archon and 3×5 Kabalite Warriors in Raiders), for 4 more CPs. It’s the list I ran at Eternal Warrior 2 (where I went 3-0), so it works, but I just felt the Kabalites in Radiers didn’t do much, and I wasn’t sure they were worth the additional 4 CP’s. On the other hand, having the extra Troupe and Master gives you more options and more redundancy.

I”m a little concerned with 2 possible match ups however – Knights and Hordes. Not sure how it would perform against them.

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