Road to the LVO


In February 2019 I’ll be going to the Las Vegas Open 2019. This will be my third LVO, and I can’t wait!

I had a blast at the last 2. What’s not to like about traveling half way around the world to play toy soldiers! I also get to hang out with my brother (who works in the US), and this year, my wife is even thinking about joining us. 

But enough of that – what are the plans?

Well as usually I’m overthinking the whole thing and in planning mode already. While getting the list right is important, with Harlies it’s not so much about the list as about the game play. So I need as much practice as possible. 

Between now and the LVO I’m planning 5, 2 day tournaments and a one day tournament. Three of these will be RTTs, 2 of them GT’s (with a following wind) and the last one a major. The events are Battle Bunker Championship in Sunderland, Fire Warrior II in Galashiels, the ITC Scottish Open in Lanark, STO 4 in Elgin, and the Independent GT Heat in Stirling. Finally I’m hoping to get tickets for the Last Chance Open in Southport, which is a couple of weeks before the LVO.

At the end of all that, I’ll be so fed up of 40k, I suspect I’ll need a break!!

There are 6 months, 3 codices, and Chapter Approved between now and the LVO, so things will change. But at the moment I’m planning to take Harlies. There may be some allies, but Harlies will be the core – my target is at least a minimal battalion. At the moment I’ve narrowed the contenders down to 4 lists, 2 pure Harlies, one with Drukhari and the other with added Craftworld. I’ll be working through them all over the next few months and refining and tweaking as I go, and sharing some of my thoughts here.

The first Pure Harlies list is a Soaring Spite Battalion with Shadowseer and Troupe Master (with Falchou’s Talon), and 5 Troupes in Starweavers, and a Solitaire (Cegorach’s Rose here if I need it). The Troupe’s have 4 Fusion Pistols each, and 4 Caresses. There’s also one guy in each Troupe to catch bullets. Then there’s an Outrider detachment with a naked Troupe Master (Warlord with “Player of Twilight” to Regen CPs) and 3 units of Skywires (remember – Skyweavers with Haywire Cannons) – one unit of 6 with Zephyr Glaives, and 2 units of 2 with Bolas. This detachment is Silent Shroud for leadership shenanigans, but more importantly the “you can’t overwatch me” stratagem. 

I like the purity of the list, and all the tricks you can pull. I also suspect it will do well in the new “Knight Meta”. My worry is it only runs 9 Command Points, and even with regen, I’m not sure it’s enough.

The Next Pure Harlies list is a double battalion. First is Soaring Spite with 2 Troupe Masters, a Solitaire and 3 Troupes in Starweavers. The Troupes are kitted as above with 4 Fusion, 4 Caresses and a bullet catcher. I then have a Frozen Stars Battalion with a Shadowseer and Troupe Master (with Kiss, no Fusion), a footslogging unit of 11 Players (7 Embraces, 4 Blades), and 2, 5 man Troupes with 4 Kisses in Starweavers. Finally I pay a CP for a 6 bike unit of Silent Shroud Skywires (again for the “you can’t overwatch me” Strat). 

I want to see if running a big block of Players across the board is viable. My question with this list is whether it’s worth paying the CP for Silent Shroud, or should I just run them as Soaring Spite. 

The first allied list is with Drukhari. It starts with a Soaring Spite Battalion with Shadowseer, 2 Troupe Masters with Caress and Fusion, a Solitaire, and 5 Troupes with 4 Fusion, 4 Caresses and the ever loyal bullet catcher. I then add in the “ubiquitous” Drukhari Spearhead (Black Heart of course) with an Archon (warlord with Cunning Strategist to regen command points, and Writ of the Living Muse, to re-roll 1s to wound) and 3 Ravagers with disintegrators. 

I’ve played this list 4 times now (against Ravenwing, Black Legion, Necrons and Craftworld (Flyers and Reapers)) and won all 4 games. It’s pretty balanced, has speed, Fusion for “Big Scary Things”, ranged fire power that “eats” anything in power armour, enough command points (although if I don’t roll well on regen they get pretty tight), awesome CC, psychic support, and the very best stratagem in the game, Agent’s of Vect. 

Finally, a list that is pretty “experimental” (at least for me) – It’s essentially the same as above, but swapping out one Troupe, a Starweaver and the second Troupe Master, for a Crafworld Supreme Command Detachment of a Skyrunner Farseer with Doom and Executioner, a Skyrunner Warlock with Jinx, and an Autarch on a bike with Laser Lance and a Banshee Mask. 

This list is experimental as I have limited experience with Craftworld Psykers. However, on paper, Jinx and Doom, along with the Autarch (and one more CP) should make up for losing the Troupe. Only testing will tell.


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