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all-day Belgian Team Championships 2019 @ Horizon VZW
Belgian Team Championships 2019 @ Horizon VZW
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Belgian Team Championships 2019 @ Horizon VZW
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Dark Millennium 6 @ Common Ground Games
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Dark Millennium 6 @ Common Ground Games
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NuMarines for the competitive win? Yeah nah bro

Greetings loyal citizens.


As I alluded to in the aftermath of the last event I attended, I have abandoned my heresy – for the short term anyways – and decided to see if I can utilise the hammer of the Emperor in a tournament for the first time in close to a decade. Though, once a heretic, always a heretic, so via the median of Indomitus Crusade reinforcements I’ve taken the once-traitors of the Lamenters as my weapon of choice for my next event. They are loyal, alright? Even the Inquisition agreed, after they’d crusaded to their near destruction without being allowed to induct new marines for 100 years. And they’re not cursed, just unlucky. Even more so with me painting them.

Now this is going to sound more than a bit stupid – I realise that Space Marines as a whole, let alone using Primaris as the mainstay of a force, is not really competitive. However, I’ve been really enjoying playing marines, and since my time at the bottom of the world is coming to an end shortly, I wanted to give an army that I like playing a spin against more optimised forces, for the reason being that when I get back to Caledonia I’m looking forward to signing up for some more face-pushing two day events. So yeah, as Tony Stark would say, ‘not a great plan’. Warming up for competitive events by playing a fail army? Yeah.. but.. whatever. It is a bad plan. Can’t deny it. Thing is, I’m more concerned with getting a better understanding of what I want to accomplish in games, and better grasp of the 8th ed rules before I get back to such events as to be honest, I’ve been reasonably out of the loop, with only one 1-dayer in the last year. Therefore, why not play this event with an army that’s near autopilot, and focus more on general strategy and getting my head round game mechanics? With me? Nah, neither am I….

So, since shelving the Nurgle Daemons and Tzeentch Daemons armies i’ve played of late, and posting my Harlequins back to the UK, I’m left with lots of accusatory space marines on sprue, particularly fat marine… ahem.. primaris.


What I had to build the army from:

Two lots of Dark Imperium marines sets. So that’s –

Two Gravis Captains
Two shooty primaris Lieutenants, and two stabby ones
Two Primaris Ancients
Twenty Intercessors with bolt rifles
Nine Cosmonauts (hefty bolter fat marines)
Ten Hellblasters with standard Incinerators

Also, I had:

Twenty tactical marines, 10 of which being sexy iron armour
Commander box
Terminator Librarian
Box of Veterans
Command squad
Seventeen Bikes
Box Dreadnought
Contemptor Dreadnought
Deredo Dreadnought


Now I know that the Lamenters are supposedly a Blood Angels successor, but with the models that I have I didn’t feel I could make a decent BA force, and I didnt really want to buy more as I felt that was a decent enough haul. Also, as I played around with chopping and converting models I really liked  the Primaris more and more. Initially I felt they were fugly, but they’ve really grown on me. Particularly the cosmonauts and the intercessors.

So with that in mind, I knew I wanted the idea of a few grubby, battered looking tactical marines and officers that have survived the long pentinent crusade of the Lamenters, reinforced by a strong core of NuMarines, courtesy of the SPIRITUAL LIEGE. With the sort of elite, veteran survivor theme I’m using Crimson Fists/Imperial Fists Chapter tactics.

Here’s what I’ve came up with:


HQ1: Primaris Captain, Power Fist (swap for The Fist of Vengeance), Plasma Pistol. Warlord: Trait = Storm Of Fire
HQ2: Terminator Librarian, Force Staff, Combi-Plasma. Powers = Null Zone, and Re-rolly charge for a unit

Troops 1: 5 x Tactical Marines, Plasma Gun, Chainsword Sarge
Troops 2: 5 x Intercessors, Power Sword Sarge, aux grenade launcher
Troops 3: 5 x Intercessors, Power Sword Sarge, aux grenade launcher
Heavy Support 1: 5 x Hellblasters, incinerators
Heavy Support 2: 5 x Hellblasters, incinerators


HQ 3: Captain on Bike, chainsword (Swap for Teeth of Terra)

Fast Attack 1: 5 x Bikes, x 2 plasma guns, combi-plasma on sarge
Fast Attack 2: 3 Heavy Bolter Cosmonauts
Fast Attack 3: 3 Heavy Bolter Cosmonauts


HQ 4: Lieutenant, Chainsword, Master Crafted Bolter

Elite 1: Apothecary
Elite 2: Contemptor Dreadnought, Multimelta, fist.
Elite 3: Primaris Ancient, bolt rifle, Banner of the Emperor Ascendant

1750, 10 CP’s, – 3 for x 2 extra relics. Likely another -3 to make the warlord Chapter Master.

Now overall, I feel like this is a bit of a ‘little Timmy’ army at a FLGS saturday afternoon. However, it feels and looks like an actual army on the tabletop, it has a deceptively decent amount of firepower, and there is no cover allowed against my shooting. The Storm of Fire trait makes even regular bolter shooting reasonably difficult to save against, and the Primaris/Apothecary combo next to the hellblasters (with the chapter master) is actually way better than I anticipated at both clearing out what I need it to clear out, and making opponents get tunnel vision focusing on the hellblasters, that then shoot stuff when the die, and potentially come back anyway. That castle has 10 x30″ S8 D2 shots (as I’ll almost always supercharge them) that reroll to hit, reroll 1’s to wound and they get to shoot again on a 3+ when they blow up or are killed. Captain/Chapter master is able to take care of any big scary stuff that makes its way into my lines with power fist attacks that hit on 2’s with a reroll and do a flat 3 damage. He’s been boss so far.
Bikes are certainly overpriced, but I thought that since I had a pile of them I may as well make use of them. The bike captain is there mostly to just give reroll 1’s to bikes and cosmonauts. That whole outrider detachment will usually start on one wing of the board and try to loop round and get in behind, sometimes I’ll drop the cosmos in on turn 2. Most of the time the Contemptor goes with them, but his main job is just to catch stuff in the face.
One thing I am loving is the firepower of the assault botler inceptors, so much fun. What they don’t like in return is any form of offensive psychic powers. Particularly executioner…

I had to chop and change a few models to make the guys I wanted from the primaris marines. I cut up one of the choppy lieutenants to provide him with a power fist and a plasma pistol to be the primaris captain. I think the actual primaris captain with fist and PP looks nice, but its a bit too flashy for a dude thats supposed to lead from the front in such a hard graft chapter as the Lamenters. Wanted mine to look a bit meaner. Then I took my clippers to a couple of the Intercessor sarge’s to provide them with power swords.

So a mostly shooty primaris force, that relies on keeping the opponent at arms length and low ap shots. Not convinced its particularly good. However, with about 6-7 games its won all but 1. Which has surprised me a little, as this is the opposite of my previous daemon army that I felt was reasonably good, where I lost my practice games and did well-ish at the event. I honestly feel that this may be the weakest army in relation to the meta that I’ve taken to a tournament in more than five years. Also, as per usual I’m rushing it with the paint job, so its not going to score top on that factor unfortunately. I realise it probably requires more discipline on my part, but since soft scores count for so much here I’ll never podium at one of their events really.

But again, the main point of the exercise is to get on top of general tournament strategies and get tighter with the rules, in anticipation of attending some cut throat events when I get back home. I already have plans for a few events, and to be honest travelling to some of the bigger tournaments in the UK with some of the usual suspects is one of the few things I’ve missed about home! Was always so much fun, and with getting hitched this year I want to make the most of it before any potential mini-mes come along and make it more complicated to get away. So if I get my act in gear, hoping to get along to Rapid Fire, Caledonian Uprising, and if the Dark Gods show me favour, possibly Adepticon in March. And I can reassure you, the FLGS Timmy army won’t be going to those events 😀




2 Responses to “NuMarines for the competitive win? Yeah nah bro”

  • EYIG says:

    Mate, Little Timmy would kick your sorry ass!!

    Looking forward to having you “home”.


    • Sean Morris says:

      Hey man, just realised you’d posted in this now!

      Been loving your harlequins tactics, was spreading the good word of it down under. And yes, this was a thoroughly bad army and plan for that event, suitably chastised. Back now, and gonna try and avoid the spoon in upcoming events 🙂

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