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Alliance Open – 40K – Dutch Gran... @ Van der Valk Hotel Schiphol A4
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Allies of Convenience Wales GT @ Firestorm Games
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Belgian Team Championships 2019 @ Horizon VZW
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Dark Millennium 6 @ Common Ground Games
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Harlequins at Eternal Warrior II

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Just back from Eternal Warrior II where I ran Harlies with some Drukhari back up. I also went 3-0, coming third which I was please with.

So, usual plan, some brief bat reps and a list analysis.

The list I took was

Harlies Battalion


Troupe Master with Fusion and Caress


Troupe 5 Players, 3 Fusion Pistols and 4 Caresses (4 of these)

4 Starweavers

Drukhari Battalion



5 kabalite warriors with a Shredder (3 of these)

2 Raiders with Disintegrators

3 Disintegrator Ravagers

I took a combination of Twilight Pathways, Shard of Light, or Veil of Tears on the Shadowseer, depending on the match up. One of the Archons was my Warlord, for Labyrinthine Cunning (CPS back/stolen on a 6+) and Light of the Living Muse Relic (re-rolls of 1 to wound on the Ravagers), and I took either Ceogarach’s Rose or Starmist Raiment on the Solitaire as a 2nd Relic. 


Game 1

Against Orks. Stompa, Gorkanaut, Morkanaut, some grot guns and a Big Mech or 2. I wasn’t sure whether I could take out the stompa in one round of shooting, which was kinda important as I would need to get close to do so. I’ve played a Stompa a couple of times with Harlies and my memory was that Fusion Pistols wounding on 4s (the Stompa is T8), were pretty unreliable and with 40 wounds……! However, I needn’t have worried, my Fusions Pistols were on fire and with a little help from the Shadowseer (she Smote the Stompa for 2 Mortal Wounds, cast Shard of Lights on it for 3 more, and then then used her Grenade Launcher for another 2!) I blew it up in one round. The rest followed reasonably quickly. Highlight, was the Solitaire jumping out his weaver and making a 30+” charge from the middle of the tabel to engage the Grot Guns in my opponent’s back field. Win to me 15-5. Minus 1 to hit really screws over Ork shooting. 


Game 2

Against Tau – 3 Burst Cannon Riptides, 3 Ion Cannon Hammerheads (one with Longstrike), Shadowsun, Fireblade, Darkstrider, an Ethereal, 3 Firesight Marksmen and a bunch of Fire Warriors. This looked pretty challenging, but I reserved the Ravagers in case I went second, took Raiment for no over watch on the Solitaire, and hid the Starweaavers as best I could …. and got first turn.

So the plan was to Fire and Fade one Starweaver full of Fusion Pistols next to Longstrike (there was a gap), Twilight Pathways the other one behind the Marksmen and next to another Hammer head to take out the Markerlights with Shuriken Cannons and Grenades and kill the Hammerhead with Fusion, blitz the Solitaire into the middle of his screen to take out Shadowsun so she couldn’t do the re-roll all wound thing, and bring in the Ravagers to kill or at least cripple one Riptide. 

Great Plan ….. which failed miserably due to being unable to hit or wound anything!! In retrospect I was too greedy. I should have focused on killing 2 Riptides good and dead, rather than spread my shooting around too many targets. Lesson learned. However, I was able to get Veil of Tears off on the Solitaire, give one of the Starweavers a 3++ with Prismatic Blurr, and make the other one -2 to hit with Lightening fast Reactions. In my opponents shooting phase I “ducked’ and made an unholly number of 3+ saves. Enough managed to survive to make it into combat (crucially the Solitaire survived and was able to tie up 3 until of fire warriors, reducing overwatch) to pull through. I tabled my opponent on turn 4.

Highlight was making 16 out of 18 3+ saves on a Starweaver!


Game 3

On table 3 against Death Guard. A knight, 3 Demons Princes, 3 Plague Burst Crawlers (PBC), some characters and a big unit of Plague Bearers. Again I got turn one and boosted 2 Starweavers full of Fusion Pistols up to the Knight, and 2 more up to the closest BPC. I hoped to kill the Knight with the Fusion combined with all my Disintegrators, and take some wounds off the PBC. Sadly my Fusion Pistols wiffed, leaving the Knight on 6 wounds, and the PBC on about 10. In my opponent’s turn he jumped 2 Princes forward to assault, and opened up with the PBCs. He had a pretty devastating round. He killed a Ravager and 3 Starweavers, dumping out the Troupes, which he also whittled down. The final Starweaaver was left on 1 wound. Bluntly, I thought it was all over, but in my turn, in a masterly display of hitting and wounding with Fusion Pistols, I managed to kill the Knight and all three Demon Princes. I also charged the Solitaire into 2 PBC, locking one of them in Combat with a Troupe, and forcing the other one to fall back so it couldn’t shoot in his turn. That turn pretty much ended the game, taking out all his melee threat, and all his psykers. 

Highlight ….. well killing all three Demon Princes in one round of shooting! When they hit, Fusions Pistols are legendary! However, I also used Agents of Vect to stop a unit of 27 plague bearers coming back when my opponent used a command re-roll to roll a “1” on his moral test…! 

So what worked and what didn’t?

What worked

  • Long Range Fusion Drive Bys (LRFDBs). The extended range from Soaring Spite (28”) makes LRFDBs much more effective. Combine that with being able to use Fire and Fade to extend that range to 36”, and in the same turn, Twilight Pathways and Falchou’s Talon for a 50” and 35” range respectively, means that multiple LRFDBs are now possible. And of course your Starweavers might just survive with Prismatic Blurr (a 3++ after advancing) and Lightening Fast Reactions (-1 to hit). 
  • Solitaire. Without the Solitaire shutting down Overwatch I would have lost Game 2, and game 3 would have been much harder. He continues to be a legend.
  • Shadowseer. Putting 7 mortal wounds on the Stompa was exceptional, but she performed well in all three games. Better powers (Veil and Shards of Light) combined with being able to caste 2 powers (or 3 with a Stratagem) have made her much stronger.
  • Ravagers. The fire power from 3 Ravagers, re-rolling 1s to hit, and 1s to wound within 6” of an Archon is really strong. Although, this tournament, because they were largely shooting at T7 and higher, they were a bit limited. A Doomseer would make them so much better.
  • Command Points. Starting with 13 CPs, and regenerating/stealing them on a 6, made the army much more flexible. I dont remember every thinking “I wish I had more command Points”. I suspect double battalion is how I want to go in the future.

What didn’t work

  • Kabalite warriors. They were there to fill out the Drukhari Battalion, but didn’t do much else.
  • Raiders. They were there to “hide” the warriors, reduce drops, and provide a little bit of extra fire power. In that role they were “fine” but didn’t really contribute.
  • The Second Archon. He was there just to make up the Battalion, but contributed nothing else.

There are 2 more lists I would like to try. The first is a Triple Eldar list, swapping out the Drukhari Battalion for a Crafworld Battalion with a Doomseer and Jinxlock on bikes, but keeping a Drukhari Spearhead. The second list is a pure Harlies list with a Soaring Spite Battalion in Starweavers and a Frozen Stars Battalion on foot. 

More to come.

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Bit early for Christmas I know, but I couldn't resist.

Happy waaghhhhmas!

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3 days ago

Caledonian Deathwatch Network

Thanks so much to our good friends at the Alliance Open! Looking forward to hearing about all of their adventures at the weekend!We're very happy with our allies and sponsors! So to make sure they get the credit they're due, we've spared no expense on our Alliance Armoury PR department to ensure they put their posters up through our cities!

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At least the weekend wasn't without some reward (despite my utter failure in results)!

Well done to everyone who won awards, and thanks to everyone who voted me best sportsman at the Freedom GT (undoubtedly a massive sympathy vote!)

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