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How to be a Flawless Host



Name: Dan “The Vulcanologist” Oldfield
Age:41 and a half
(Pre)occupation: CHAOS! (inc DA,obviously) and occasionally Space Wolves
Favourite rule: Heroic Intervention
Melee Weapon of Choice: Thunderhammer

This brings me on to my current fascination: The Flawless Host and it’s unbelievable combat potential in a competitive army. That being said, I only consider a few elements of FH to be competitive for the reasons below.

Whilst 8th edition 40k is predominantly a shooting game, and that the horrible Purge armour list played by Don “Back Once Again with the Renegade Master” Hoosen is better but I’m hopeful that the new +1 A for all Astartes will help mitigate this bias, and I’m looking at ways Make Combat Great Again.

The Legion trait for FH is DTTFE, but it works on everyone,and is in ADDITION (!) to Death to The False Emperor.

The warlord trait: Ultimate Confidence, is utterly bonkers, giving 3 extra attacks instead of 1 on a 6+ to hit, so +4 A on IMPERIUM -have some of that; Emperors lapdog!

The Legion trait for FH is, in my opinion, one of the strongest in the CSM or SM codex, but the downside is that you have to survive getting shot to use it. Logically that means it’s better on sub 10 wound characters, ones that move quickly in particular.

To add a bit of context I am currently running a Nurgle Daemon Battalion of 60 PBs, 3 nurglings, Sloppity BP and a Poxbringer herald dude (for Miasma)- I’m sorely tempted to the throw the Masque of Slaanesh in too.

So let’s have a look at warlord candidates that I have playtested:

Smash captains look an obvious choice here but the thunderhammer is -1 to hit- not great because you can’t trigger without Prescience. Other weapons are available-lightning claws look pretty strong right now for chaff clearing like a boss.

Lord Discordants are absolutely mad *if* they make combat, your opponent knows this-the warlord FH Discolord will never survive the first turn- you are now 3 points down (STW, FS, KP) and Kingslayer, which can be scored later.

An Exalted Champion with the Murder Sword will do a heart breaking amount of damage but he is very slow, even with Warptime, and a bit too niche.

So I went back to the index and immediately started to kitbash a lord on a steed of Slaanesh- it’s so bad I’m not even putting a pic up. He is very, very quick and can advance and charge (so 17.5″ average), so becomes target number 1 for Warptime. He is a daemon so could be targeted by Hysterical Frenzy (8+) to fight in my psychic phase- that’s bloody terrifying- but is rarely locked in combat.
Again, he is a terror with the murdersword, going after a high value target, but is it worth losing my warlord? I’m not sure
I like the powersword/powermaul combo so he can instead be given the Black Mace , which makes him a d2 Primaris killer extraordinaire.

In the end I arrived at the Master of Executions, with a base 5 attacks (soon to be 6), a powerfist that does a mortal wound on a 6+ and crucially doesn’t suffer the -1 to hit, a 6″ Heroic Intervention into characters and a total cost of about 5 marines- he’s an absolute beatstick.
I can see him darting through my PB screen and murderising things whilst remaining in relative safety of his putrescent friends.

One of the main strengths here is the ability to buff this guy with spells and a 1 CP strat which allows me to RR any to hit dice that I don’t like, but it only works on INFANTRY. With Prescience and the Masque he triggers on a 4+/RR. With the Flawless Cloak and Diabolic Strength he’s on 7 A, say 4 trigger, that’s +12/15 A which hit on 2+ RR at S12, AP -3, RR to w from the Exalted, were 6+ to is a mortal wound, and d3 dmg.

When the new rules kick in he will be on 8 attacks on the charge/being charged/Heroic Intervention and trigger 6 times- that’s an average on plus 18A hitting on 2+/RR.

With an Exalted Champion as backup he can put the hurt on knights- no access to Veterans of the Long War is a bit of a bugger, but you can’t have everything. I considered the Dark Apostle but the +1 to w buff isn’t worth over 100pts IMHO.

To get the most out of the various buff characters I’m going to use 2/3 double scourge helbrutes- they have 11 A at s8 and benefit from Legion trait- my conversions are really quite bad but I just love their damage potential.

There’s a wee 1750pts 1 day tournament “Firestorm” in Dunfermline on the 17th of August, it’s allowing Forgeworld and multiples of the same detachment. We are playing 3 Eternal War missions which should stop silly Aeldari flyer spam armies and there’s no kill points, which means none warlord characters are quite expendable.

Given the scenarios I should probably take a Black Legion army with fast moving units and just spam the World Killer strat for 3 CP- Any BL unit becomes super obsec, eg a Heldrake outscores 50 guardsman on an objective.B!””$%^s to that, I’ve just spent a week painting fuchsia pink until my eyes almost gave up.


The Daemon Prince is very much an option here as it can take the cloak, which increases its buff range to 9″, which is nice, and its a total monster, especially with talons, but I wanted cheapness as its only 1750pts.
My mate John “lets go for a quick pint “McCartney just sends me pics of the utter carnage his causes.

Roughly my list will about 600pts of a Daemon Battalion + Supreme Command Flawless Host of 2 JP Sorcerers, Lord on Daemon Steed, Exalted Champion and the Master of Executions- for abot 550pts

That leaves me points for a Patrol with a couple of Double Scourge Brutes, a Warpsmith and maybe a couple of oblits (because it would be rude not to)

Any thoughts or notes appreciated- you can find the DWARF club on FB (if you fancy Firestorm) easily enough and you can come along to witness my awful conversion skills.

Adios muchachos!

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