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all-day Rapid Fire 2019 @ Stirling Wargamers
Rapid Fire 2019 @ Stirling Wargamers
Oct 26 – Oct 27 all-day
Rapid Fire 2019 @ Stirling Wargamers
  40k 2000 point 2 day singles tournament
all-day Scottish Take Over 6 @ The Seaforth Club
Scottish Take Over 6 @ The Seaforth Club
Nov 9 – Nov 10 all-day
Scottish Take Over 6 @ The Seaforth Club
Our 6th GT and we are looking to be bigger and better than before. Location As normal we will be at the Seaforth Club in Elgin. Very reliable and safe location. Parking right across the[...]
all-day The Grand Strategist GT 2 @ Common Ground Games
The Grand Strategist GT 2 @ Common Ground Games
Nov 23 all-day
The Grand Strategist GT 2 @ Common Ground Games
  Further Details to be announced….
all-day Dark Millennium 7 @ Common Ground Games
Dark Millennium 7 @ Common Ground Games
Feb 22 – Feb 23 all-day
Dark Millennium 7 @ Common Ground Games
  Dark Millennium returns in 2020 for its 7th year – details to be published nearer the end of 2019. Expect new and exciting customized missions, and a likely points limit of 2000 for your[...]
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ITC Fingering

Been a wee while since I’ve spraffed nonsense on here, but again it’s been some time since I’ve been to any events. My spidey sense tells me that I was supposed to follow up my preview post about Dark Millenium, which I never did. Despite a lot of fun and some classic moments, my Death Guard finished in true mid table obscurity fashion with a 3 and 2, so no great surprises there.

Like I said, it had been months since my previous event and I decided that a trip to Newcastle for the Summer Slam GT would be worth it. She Who Thirsts’ is from there, so we could catch up with her family shenanigans and I could also play some games, win win. It would also be my first experience with ITC missions. I was looking forward with baited breath at the mind frying variety of strategic and tactical wizardry that would accompany this exploration of the unknown ITC void.

All that being said, I decided to wheel out some big guns. Literally. I have had two leviathan dreads with butcher cannons awaiting construction in the Plague Planet forges, and decided that two of these beasts were going to accompany the Primarch Approved (TM) deredeos that I have run at a few events previously, and been impressed with. Whilst having similar weapons loadouts, they have subtly different roles. I feel that a Deredeo is a good unit to force people to keep their heads down and try to keep out of your way. Then the greater havoc launcher is good for hunting down guardsmen, scouts and other cravens who hide in the shadows from the purity of the XIV. However, the sheer brutality of the leviathan is a sledgehammer, that totally annihilates targets that present themselves. Sixteen S8 D2 Ap-1 shots is savage. And being T8 wth a 2+ means it takes a dedicated shooting phase to even put a dent in it in return.

Accompanying two levis and two Doritos would be the mighty Glotikron. Once a colossal, wandering greater daemon of Nurgle, until captured and made harder better faster stronger by me gluing all sorts of shit to it, and calling it a Knight Rampager. This was going to be my distraction carnifex, and his plan is always up the middle. No further strategy required really.

A daemons Battalion, all Nurgle aside from a forbidden gem carrying Slaanesh herald fleshed out some troops in the form of the excellent Nurglings.

Leading this rabble, I elected to go with Fingers, the rather junior of my two princes. He has often overseen catastrophic, humiliating defeats whenever he is in charge. However, he is modelled with a jet pack (wings) compared to my dependable footslogging prince Snopholopicus, therefore I ripped off his axe to give him more big fingers (Malefic talons), and he was therefore suitably equipped to lead this strike force. A big ask for a notoriously unreliable individual.

Finally, the Terminus Est was fully loaded for expiditionary action, and it was off to the Tyneside system.

Game 1 – Some ITC mission

Opponent: Deathwatch and Blood Angels – 3 big kitted out veterans squads, watch captain and librarian, 2 BA smash captains and a flying dreadnought, some scouts. All four types of Assassin.  Possibly some other stuff I can’t recall.

Secondaries: Old School, Headhunter and Butcher’s Bill (I think)

Deployment: Hammer and Anvil

I win the roll off and I’m going first, Glotikron goes up the middle and I kill.. a scout, to finish of the squad after a bit of head rockets shooting, for a bit of first blood and a unit kill. DW/BA first turn and the Glotikron is smashed to smithereens by a flying dreadnought of doom. Aside from first turn mechacombat, this game was generally very close, with my opponent using the terrain well to avoid being too exposed to the firepower of the Leviathans, them and the Deredeos laying waste to all asunder whenever any astartes came forward. The forbidden gem deactivated a BA smash captain at a suitable time, allowing Fingers to apply a bit of coup de grace in true fingering style. The culexus caused me some issues, and in the end I think I won by 3 points. Opponent played well as I don’t think it was a good match up for him at all really. I think I was a bit rusty though, and should have done a bit better. Somehow, despite his decent showing, I still think it was Fingers’ fault.

Game 2 – Some ITC mission

Opponent: Simon Fitzpatrick and his AdMech of doom. Pure hunners of those tracked bastards, and some robots. That arse Cawl too.

Secondaries: can’t remember

Deployment: Dawn of War

Simon had thrashed me last month when I showed up to a Team Scotland practice weekend with a totally gash daemons army. He seized on me and suitably wiped me off the board in short order. This time out, he is going first, until Fingers does something right and seizes the initiative! Game on!

Getting super psyched, Fingers urges the Death Guard dreads forward, whilst the Glotikron races towards the Admech lines. Then it all goes downhill rapidly….

The first Leviathan does 13 wounds on a unit of breachers, only for Simon to rather unsportingly pass them all. Thought I may have a chance to do some serious damage by seizing, but all I end up doing is removing four breachers and 2 little chumps. Then I realised I had trolled myself my going for the dreadblade buffs, as the Damnation stopped me from charging into a unit of destroyers utilising the Full Tilt strat, which could have been costing double due to a Callidus being in the force. Even if I could have charged I’d have killed 3 Vanguard, not worth it. First turn I think I got first strike, hold more and kill a unit. Then things fell apart.

Admech T1 sees the Glotikron go down, after taking the nigh entirety of the Martian shooting, Wrath of Mars being rather underwhelming and requiring the robots to pitch in.

On T2 my shooting does little damage due to cover canticles, and I do little damage yet again. Possibly dead Callidus, and a few breachers. In return I think I lose a Leviathan and a severely damaged Deredeo, plus a squad of Nurglings.

This continues until Fingers tries a rather poorly thought out charge against some Breachers, and rolls snake eyes. Ffs Fingers! But that really summed it up. He gets summarily messed up in AdMech turn for failing me for the last time.

I cower out of LOS with my poxbringer and remaining Nurglings, with the Martians unable to finish me off due to no indirect fire. 29-17 loss.





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