Episode 88 – Dark Millennium Minisode

This “mini-sode” features a brief catch-up with myself and Sean Post Dark Millennium, and we have a general hobby chat as well.

PS – This post was scheduled to Launch at midnight on the 8th of March. At this time i’m unsure whether or not mini-fudge will be part of the world (but I think this was the most likely date for her arrival). Either way, i’m going to be out of the podcast game for a while, and just want to express my thanks to all of our listeners and followers, and also to everyone who has passed on their good wishes. Stay tuned to the website for articles (as I know a few people are planning to continue writing them), and watch this space for the return of the podcast.

Love to you all!

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3 weeks ago

Caledonian Deathwatch Network

I feel that the image for this post this is a private joke from Dennie 😂

But seriously go buy tickets to these insanely good events!T-Minus 9 hours for 'Allied Annihilation' ticket drop-off.

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