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Belgian Team Championships 2019 @ Horizon VZW
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Belgian Team Championships 2019 @ Horizon VZW
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Dark Millennium 6 @ Common Ground Games
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Dark Millennium 6 @ Common Ground Games
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One Week to LVO

Practice games have been mixed! Last week I had 2 games against Ynarri, 2 against Death Guard and one against Tau.

Soul Burst is so broken!! If it survives a Ynarri Codex I’ll be very disappointed!

Game one against Ynarri, I was educated on what soul bursting shinning spears can do. My opponent went first, and wiped out my Skyweavers and characters in one turn. The mistake I made was keeping them too close together allowing him to soul burst and attack again. I took them out next turn, but with Soul Bursting Dark Reapers, and 3 Ravagers still on the board, it was “game over man”! 

In our 2nd game I reserved the Ravagers, and deployed much further back. However, I got first turn and charged the Solitaire into his Spears turn one ….. and, legend that he is, he killed them all (fighting twice)! It was pretty much game over for my opponent after that.

Lessons for these 2 games – deploy conservatively against spears. It’s pretty much impossible to get away from them, but don’t bunch up allowing them to kill more than one unit at a time.

The Death Guard games I played were against Plague Burst Crawlers, Bloat Drones, Demon Princes and cultists. And the nastiest unit in the Death Guard book. Foul Blight Spawn. I won both of them, but the 2nd one was harder than the first.

Lessons learned – don’t over commit a few units – Death Guard are nasty up close. If you’re going to assault their core, you really need to committ. In one  game I over committed Skyweavers to kill a Bloat Drone, taking them into range of a charge from a couple of Characters, which with a plethora of re-rolls, killed them all. I then had to rely on Fusion Pistols to kill Plague Burst Crawlers, never a good thing!

In the first game the Autarch was a legend, with The Peerless Hunter Warlord Trait (can target Characters even if they aren’t the closest model), the Laser Lance of Saim Han, and the Banshee Mask (denies Overwatch) he made short work of the Foul Blight Spawn.

I lost my game against Tau. I’m still kicking myself as I made a few really basic mistakes that I’ve made before. I really should know better!

As expected, my opponent castled up, wrapping his Riptides and Broadsides with Firewarriors and Drones. He got first turn, but I had good LOS blocking terrain, and survived his shooting more or less intact. I then rushed him. My first mistake was to send the Autarch off to kill some Pathfinders. Now killing Pathfinders is always a good thing, but not when it takes your Banshee Mask away from the castle. I also under-committed to the assault, holding back 2 Fusion Boats to snag a couple of objectives. And finally, I made a stupid mistake with the big Troupe. They were in the perfect position to assault the gun line from behind a ruin, but for some reason I didn’t “see” the move, and assaulted a squad of Fire Warriors on the 2nd floor of the ruin instead, hoping to consolidate back behind the ruin. However, I didn’t notice the Farsight Marksman on the third floor of the ruin who was then the closest model. I was “trapped” out in the open by him.

I did a lot of damage, but ultimately, when the dust settled, he had 2 Riptides left, that would go on to table me.

Lessons – do not divide your forces. When assaulting a Tau Gunline, you need to go all in. Also, Fusion Boats are the “second wave” to kill Riptides once the Shield Drones are dead. And finally, a good way to kill Shield Drones is to shoot Ravagers at Broadsides.

This week I’m playing a game against Eldar Flyers, Tau again, and Deathwatch.

3 Responses to “One Week to LVO”

  • John Laurie says:

    Love reading about your experiences and practise, good luck at LVO! Look forward to reading up on it after you get back.

  • Sean Morris says:

    I see you have a healthy respect for Foul Blightspawn these days!

    Good you’ve had a bit of practice against DG I reckon. Not a common army competitively over here, but across the pond they are run more frequently and can be a banana skin for Harlequins. Unlucky against Tau by the sounds of it there. Any practice is good practice!

  • EYIG says:

    Very Healthy!!

    Yeah, DG seem to be popular in the States from what I’ve read.

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