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all-day Belgian Team Championships 2019 @ Horizon VZW
Belgian Team Championships 2019 @ Horizon VZW
Feb 23 – Feb 24 all-day
Belgian Team Championships 2019 @ Horizon VZW
  We are honoured to present the 5th instalment of the Belgian 40K Team Championships Event. As usual, every Team is welcome, be it an actual representation of a Gaming Club, just a bunch of[...]
all-day Dark Millennium 6 @ Common Ground Games
Dark Millennium 6 @ Common Ground Games
Feb 23 – Feb 24 all-day
Dark Millennium 6 @ Common Ground Games
  Dark Millennium returns for its 6th year! 6 rounds of games using custom missions! Details to follow in the rules pack, but the below is a guideline: -3 detachments (including duplication) -2000 points -Forge[...]
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The year of the stinky boys

Hey people, been some time since I last blogged here. In fact, it’s a journey over space and time – six months, different hemispheres and different time zones! But I’m glad to be back in the grim darkness of the Scottish 40k scene, and the brutality that goes with it.

Got a few pummellings at my first couple of events back at Bad Decisions and Rapid Fire respectively, but I feel that was all to the good as I had been out of the loop regards competitive play for the best part of three years. Also, due to real life stuff, I was generally showing up with armies that I hadn’t planned or practiced with at all, therefore I got what I deserved! Picked up my 2016 Tau army built around ghostkeels for one event, and non-Deathwatch Primaris marines for the other, so that was always fail for the fail god. I won only one game at each of those events, with a best sportsmanship award to our team at Bad Decisions all to show for it. I even did myself out of the wooden spoon prize at Rapid Fire, for goodness sake. However, like I said it’s been a good thing – reconnected with some old friends, made new ones and it’s also helped me to discover that I may be over taking the meta lists I used to run, and I need an army that inspires me.

Therefore, I started experimenting more with Death Guard. I had already collected part of a small force as a bit of a bolt on to my Daemons, but more and more I’ve found that the dynamics of the XIV Legion utilise a playstyle that appeals to me. So I’ve found myself using them in larger contributions to my Chaos soup armies. The last three events I’ve went 3 and 2 with increasingly large contributions of Death Guard and enjoyed myself a lot more than using Tau or an all daemon army, which is mostly what I’ve used the last few years. Considering the last of those events was Caledonian Uprising – the largest and most competitive event in the U.K. – I’m happy with that progress. I feel that whilst Death Guard certainly have weaknesses, not being considered particularly competitive, the they have impressive strengths too, and a fun set of tactics and strategies that have rejuvenated my interest regarding taking part in tournaments.

After alluding to my increasing interest in DG, I’ll run through how they’ve contributed to my last few events.

At the Freedom GT, I utilised a Vanguard detachment bolted onto a Nurgle Daemons Battalion, and a renegade knight. The DG were as follows:

Prince, axe, ‘wings,’* blades of putrifaction, the Supparating Plate, arch contaminator

Prince, wings, sword, plague spewer, miasma

foul blightspawn x 3

bloat drones x 2

Following this event, I had a serious think about princes. Whilst fab, I feel that to make the most of a lot of the Death Guard abilities, double princes was not required. I like the axe, it is -1 to hit but the S8 damage 3 is lovely and you still get the 1 attack for a talon too. However, the idea of a plague spewer prince is not as good as it sounds – expensive, and you have to keep the sword (going by current errata) which is the most underwhelming weapon for a prince. Arch Contaminator really is the warlord trait I find that I just cannot move away from, it is such a force multiplier that enables your nearby Death Guard minions to destroy all before them with plague weapons. Bloat drones are simply awesome – in my opinion they are the greatest of the three unique Death Guard vehicles. Flying, no real negatives regarding being bracketed, and deadly to infantry. And monsters or vehicles if supported correctly. Which brings me to the Foul Blightspawn. It is hard to make it clear just how good these little fat dudes are. Characters so can’t be targeted, assault weapons that auto hit, so can advance and shoot, and a glorious D6 shots, 2D6 strength flamer that does -3 flat 3 damage. Plague weapon, so reroll to wound near the warlord. These guys really are the brutal business end of the sawn-off shotgun that is Death Guard tactica – massive damage at short to medium range. Glorious. In this event, it was the Death Guard that won me each of my games. The two I lost was because I over-committed the Daemons and knight, trusting in them to deliver where they lacked.

At the Grand Strategist GT I again ran a Daemons Battalion, that was backed up with a DG Spearhead:

Prince, talons, supparating plate, miasma, arch contaminator

x 2 Foul Blightspawn

x 2 drones

X 3 Deredeo dreadnoughts, butcher cannons, greater havoc launchers, heavy flamers

With this event, I put a lot of trust in these Forge World dreadnoughts but it wasn’t misplaced. They don’t have disgustingly resilient, but due to the Inexorable Advance rule, Death Guard Deredeos are better than other legions as they can move and still hit on 2’s in the shooting phase. Plus benefits against flying units. These were impressive all weekend, though they play differently to the style of the other DG units in my army as they are more ranged than up close. I did stick heavy flamers on them to keep up with the army to provide some auto-hit goodness, but in retrospect this was a mistake and I should have went with chest mounted heavy bolters, and I probably will change them for the next event I use them at.

Next up was last weekend at Caledonian Uprising. A fab weekend with friends and a road trip to play toy soldiers, what could be better? I used a soup detachment with mostly Death Guard filling:

Nurgle Outrider-

Prince, plate, talons, blades, arch contaminator

Great Unclean One, bell, dagger

x 3 haulers

x 3 haulers

x 3 haulers

x 3 Oblits

x 3 Oblits

Here the idea was to play on the ability to reincarnate Nurgle daemon models to units with the bell, specifically the haulers. Since haulers – like all the Death Guard tanks – are extremely tough to kill, I hoped this would have a bit of the ‘wtf’ element for my opponents, when I could bring whole tanks back from the dead. Now, whilst I stated earlier that drones were the best DG vehicles and I still stand by that, squadrons of Myphitic Blight Haulers have their place. Their weapons of missile launcher and multimeltas are deceptively underwhelming weapons in 8th edition. But their sheer toughness and ability to be used in squads is their strength. They can be an anvil to attract a battering that your opponent throws at them, whilst the rest of your army keeps doing damage, then bring them back with the GUO’s bell and revitalise them with the fleshy abundance psychic power. This is a strategy that requires some practice, but this army performs much better than I initially thought it would, and was so much fun. Over 5 games I brought 9 haulers back to life in total. Super win. Secondly, when you can screen your daemon prince with 6 haulers or so, and get them into combat supported by arch contaminator and blades of putrifaction they tend to go through units very quickly.


Cally was fun, managed to come up against the only other Death Guard player, and won 16-4 to take out best DG (from 2 😂).


So a quick run though of some of my favourite Death Guard units and combos, and how they work in the competitive environment. I’m looking forward to the rest of my 2019 tournaments, and I think I’ll stick with the XIV legion. Next events confirmed are Dark Millenium and Caledonian Revolution, so they will be good run-outs. My goal for the year is to keep up a bit of consistency with them, going 3-2 is respectable just now I reckon as getting outranged and/or zerg rushed leaves them vulnerable, and there are plenty of good meta builds of the other codices that can do that to the Death Guard when wielded by savvy players, but if I can achieve a couple of 4-1’s or even a clean sweep I’ll be stoked. I need to keep pushing to avenge myself on some of the trolls that gave me a country style beating when I arrived back here!

I’ll keep you updated 😬


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