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House Ordos Project Blog – Final Mission

For the final time, Greetings fans of the Executrix!

So you may recall me mentioning at the end of the previous blog that I had arranged an Arrakis themed battle with my good friend Dennie Nuijten.  Dennie is part of the Alliance Open team and also a member of the ETC team for the Netherlands. What made this particularly interesting, was that he also had an Arrakis themed Imperial Knight army – representing the Harkonnen of Giedi Prime!

Before our game commenced, we felt that it was necessary to get some cool shots of our knights in cool battle poses, so check this out first!


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Dennie used his Caledonian Uprising List, which included a Valiant, a Crusader and a Gallant (including some Giedi Prime chaff!). I used all knights, with a Castellan, Crusader, Warden and some Armigers. The Scenario was interesting! After some chat prior to the event, this is what we ended up with:
Mission: The Battle for Arrakis
Deployment: Search & Destroy
Objectives: 6 – One at the centre of each 6th of the table
Victory Conditions: This is a fight to the death! There is no Random game length, fight until Arrakis is yours!
Armoured Supremacy: In addition to the normal rules for objectives, follow these additional rules. If there are the same number of models contesting an objective, Questoris Class Knights hold objectives vs Armiger Class knights, and Dominus Class Knights hold objectives over Questoris class knights. If the contesting knights are of the same class, the objective is contested. Knights that are outnumbered still score the objective, as long as there is no knight of equal or higher class contesting it.
The Spice Must Flow: If a Knight model you control is holding an objective at the end of your movement phase, it gains a random psychic power until the start of your next movement phase. Only one knight may benefit from an objective at any one time. Roll a D3 to determine what power the Knight gains:
1: Smite
2: Fortune
3: Warptime
Shai-Halud: At the start of every one of your player turns, roll a dice for every Knight you control on the battlefield (including any that have been deployed in reserve). Knights are affected by this rule if the required number for their class is rolled (this CAN be command rerolled). You MUST add 1 to this roll, if your model is currently controlling an Objective:
Armigers: 6+
Questoris: 5+
Dominus: 5+
If a Knight is affected, a Sandworm tries to swallow it whole, and it immediately suffers D6 Mortal wounds! If this destroys the model, do not use its rules for exploding. Instead, use the listed distance for its explosion to measure the sandworm’s area of effect. Anything in this radius suffers D3 Mortal wounds automatically. The effect ends after any additional wounds have been resolved. Once a sandworm attack has been triggered in your turn, you cannot be affected again until your next turn.
Superweapons: Both houses have a superweapon at their disposal which is used in the form of a stratagem:
Death Hand Missile (Harkonnen) – 3CPs – At the start of your shooting phase, select an ORDOS unit, and roll a D6. On a 1, the target suffers D3 Mortal Wounds. On a 2-5, the Target Suffers D3+3 Mortal Wounds. On a 6, the target suffers D3+6 mortal wounds.
Saboteur (Ordos) – 2CPs – This can only be used once per turn. You may prevent your opponent from using the command reroll stratagem (their CP is refunded). OR, you may reroll any single D6 your opponent has rolled this turn. This includes anything they have already rerolled, or something they have yet to re-roll. Once you use this stratagem on a D6, that dice can not be rerolled again for any reason.
We also decided that Harkonnen units could reroll random shots for Flamer weapons, and that if the Shieldbreaker Missile inflicted any wounds on a Knight, that counted as a hit with Deviator Gas, which would allow the Ordos player to fire one weapon on a knight on its bottom profile. Additionally, we opted to go for a 4×4 deployment to get the carnage underway as soon as possible! We did turn by turn recaps, so rather than me reporting the game, check them out below!

Turn 1

Turn 2



So with the Battle for Arrakis over, so too does this blog series draw to a close. Thanks so much to Dennie for the final battle! Thanks also to everyone who has followed the blog, I hope you enjoyed reading about it as much as I enjoyed completing it!

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