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all-day Belgian Team Championships 2019 @ Horizon VZW
Belgian Team Championships 2019 @ Horizon VZW
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Belgian Team Championships 2019 @ Horizon VZW
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all-day Dark Millennium 6 @ Common Ground Games
Dark Millennium 6 @ Common Ground Games
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Dark Millennium 6 @ Common Ground Games
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Two Weeks to the LVO

Image result for harlequins images 40k

Two weeks to go …. and I’ve decided on my list. After all the drama, I’ve decided to stick with the list I took the the Last Chance Open.

The big issue was whether I dropped the Ravagers. Everybody I talked to though I was mad to even think about dropping them. In retrospect I think I was being overly influenced by the 2 games I lost at the LCO, where they were less than optimal. But looking at all my games in the round, I think they’re the best option  – certainly the most flexible.

So the list is

==Battalion Detachment== Harlequins, Soaring Spite [61 PL, 1235pts] 5CP

HQ 1: Shadowseer (125) Shuriken Pistol, Mist Stave, [7 PL, 125pts]

HQ2: Troupe Master (70), Fusion Pistol (7pts), Power Sword (4) [4 PL, 81pts]:

TR1: Troupe 12 Players (156), Shuriken Pistols x12 (0), Caress x11 (77) [12 PL 233pts]

TR2: Troupe, 5 Players (65), Fusion Pistol x5 (35), Harlequin Blades x5 (0) [5 PL, 100pts]

TR3: Troupe, 5 Players (65), Fusion Pistol x5 (35), Harlequin Blades x5 (0) [5 PL, 100pts]

EL1: Solitaire: Harlequin’s Caress (7), Harlequin’s Kiss (7), [5 PL, 98pts]

FA1: Skyweavers x6 (240), Haywire Cannons x6 (90), Zephyre Glaive x5 (30pts) [13 PL, 300pts]

DT 1: Starweaver: Shuriken Cannon x2 (20), [5 PL, 99pts]

DT 2: Starweaver: Shuriken Cannon x2 (20), [ 5 PL, 99pts]

== Spearhead Detachment== Drukhari, Kabal of the Black Heart  [25 PL, 447pts] 1CP

HQ 3: Archon: Splinter pistol, Venom Blade (2), [4 PL, 72pts]

HS 1: Ravager: (80) Disintegrator Cannon x3  (45), [7 PL, 125pts]

HS 2: Ravager: (80) Disintegrator Cannon x3  (45), [7 PL, 125pts]

HS 3: Ravager: (80) Disintegrator Cannon x3  (45), [7 PL, 125pts]

==Supreme Command Detachment== Craftworlds, Mixed Detachment [17 PL, 318pts] 1CP

HQ 4: Autarch Skyrunner: Banshee Mask (0), Fusion Gun (14), Laser Lance (8), Twin Shuriken Catapult (2), SAIM HANN, [6 PL, 119pts]

HQ 5: Farseer Skyrunner: Shuriken Pistol (0), Twin Shuriken Catapult (2), Witchblade, BIEL TAN,

[7 PL, 132pts]

HQ 6: Warlock Skyrunner: Shuriken Pistol (0), Twin Shuriken Catapult (2), Witchblade, BIEL TANN, [4 PL, 67pts]

It’s got a lot of “tech” to counter various things, and the various tweaks I’ve made over the last month or so, make it much more flexible. It certainly has weaknesses, but I think it’s as good as I can make it, given my self imposed restrictions (Harlequins primary, with a Harlequins Battalion).

Last week I had 4 test games. The first was against Deathwatch, but we only had time to play one turn before I had to go and do some family stuff, so it didn’t really count …. but we talked it through, and I now have a plan against Deathwatch! I had 2 games against Knights with guard allies, specifically going second in both of them. In both games I reserved the Ravagers, which unless you have epic los blocking terrain, is certainly the way to go. In game one I started the bikes on the table and hid them out of los. However, I made the mistake of over extending them to kill one Knight. All well and good, but they died horribly next turn, leaving me with an uphill struggle. I managed to kill his Castellan next turn, but only just and we decided to re-rack, because I knew I had played it wrong. In the second game, I reserved the Ravagers and the Bikes, and hid everything else. I timed the “push” perfectly, and killed both Crusaders in the turn the reserves came in. We called it then, as we were reasonably confident I would kill the Castellan next turn and effectively win the game.

My last game was against my tournament buddy, Dan, and his (in his words) “janky chaos bullshit”. Abaddon, Chaos Marines, Dreadnaughts with scary guns, Defilers and some psykers. There was talk of weird rules, exploding 6’s and horrific shooting…..but it didn’t matter I just killed it all! Highlight was Dan bragging about how Abaddon would take out my big 12 Player Troupe all by himself …… and then “going down like a $2 hooker”, in a multicoloured flurry of blows. Made me smile!

I’ve also got my money’s worth out of BCP this month, by scouring all the US events last week to get an idea of what I’ll be facing.

A lot of Knights and Guard, Drukhari, Orks, Tau, Deathwatch (surprisingly) and Thousand Sons. Knights and guard I’ve played a lot and know what to do against. I know the Drukhari Codex pretty well, and I’ve played against Kabal lists a few times. I’ve never played Talos or Grots however, but I have plan for that. Tau I’ve played a few times (playing them this weekend in a couple of practice games), Thousand Sons I’ve kinda played, although I’ve never played Magnus or Tzangors. Nobody seems to play them in Scotland, and not many in the UK generally. Orks are a worry. I’ve spent time discussing how to beat orks with an experienced orks player and I have a plan. However I might not get a chance to put that plan into action before the LVO.

So I have a game against double spears Ynarri tonight, 2 more on Saturday against Death Guard and Tau, Eldar Flyer Spam next Wednesday and Deathwatch the Saturday after that.

One more article before I fly out.


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