House Ordos Project Blog – Mission 12

Greetings fans of the Executrix!

If you are reading this post, i’m assuming that you have followed the journey of building this army from the start. If that’s the case (and even if it’s not), thank you SO much for following this journey. It’s been an absolute pleasure to share this experience on the website, and I hope that you’ve enjoyed following it along the way.

I feel like I have learned so much, and tried so many things:

  • Magnetising
  • Stripping Paint
  • Basing Techniques
  • Plasma Glow Effects
  • Freehand Banner Work
  • Knowing how to thin my paints!
  • Transfer sealing

I’ve made this point a few times in the series, but I really want to express how bad a hobbyist I usually am! But If I can at least have an attempt at these techniques, you absolutely can give it a go as well! I hope in some small way my techniques and experiences have helped you (or at least shown you what to avoid)!

I would also like to put some shout outs to the following people for their help and support during this project:

  • Fabricator General Paul Metcalfe – For building my Questoris Knights many moons ago
  • Hobby Killer (he’s not really) Neil Powell – For some great advice on the restoration of my painted knights, and general painting advice
  • Kris Mills – For some great advice on painting techniques and ideas to try out
  • Dennie Nuijten – For chatting about some awesome Dune-based Ideas (see the end of this post….)
  • Iain “Blood Claw” Waterston – For taking some amazing shots of the army for your viewing pleasure
  • Duncan “God of Painting” Rhodes – You may never read this post Duncan, but your tutorials are an Inspiration – thank you very much for all that you do for the Games Workshop community
  • Westwood Studios – For creating such a cool addition to the Dune extended universe in House Ordos


Here are some shots of the completed army, hope you enjoy!

So is this the end? Not quite….

Not only has my good friend Dennie been supportive, he has informed me that he is also in the middle of creating an Arrakis based Imperial Knight Army – House Harkonnen! Not only this, he has challenged the Knights of House Ordos to a Battle for Arrakis the night before Caledonian Uprising 2019 – which I have of course accepted!

Stay tuned for some more installments on this – including some shots of Dennie’s army and details of a custom scenario that we will be creating to give the game more flavour! Including super weapons such as the dreaded Death Hand atomic missile, and the stealthy Ordos Saboteur! For now, i’ll leave you with the final Ordos briefing from Dune 2000 – time to finish the competition!

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I feel that the image for this post this is a private joke from Dennie 😂

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