Upcoming Events
all-day Scottish Take Over Doubles GT @ The Seaforth Club
Scottish Take Over Doubles GT @ The Seaforth Club
Aug 11 – Aug 12 all-day
Scottish Take Over Doubles GT @ The Seaforth Club
After the success of the Scottish Take Over Singles Events, I am very excited to bring you the STO’s first Doubles event. LIST RESTRICTIONS Your list must not exceed 1000 points. You must have 1[...]
all-day Rapid Fire 2018 @ Stirling Wargamers
Rapid Fire 2018 @ Stirling Wargamers
Oct 27 – Oct 28 all-day
Rapid Fire 2018 @ Stirling Wargamers
The one you’ve all been waiting for Rapid Fire returns for 2018. Stirling Wargamers are proud to announce our annual 40K singles event. We will be releasing information in the upcoming months however to get[...]
all-day Scottish Take Over 4 GT @ The Seaforth Club
Scottish Take Over 4 GT @ The Seaforth Club
Nov 3 – Nov 4 all-day
Scottish Take Over 4 GT @ The Seaforth Club
This is it folks, our fouth event, and we are now officially a GT. To celebrate this milestone, and the speed you have all helped us grow to a GT, i want to make this[...]
all-day The Warhammer 40k Independent GT... @ Common Ground Games
The Warhammer 40k Independent GT... @ Common Ground Games
Nov 10 – Nov 11 all-day
The Warhammer 40k Independent GT Heat 2 @ Common Ground Games
Heat 2 of the Independent GT. The independent GT is back! 4 heats across the UK and then 1 final. All details can be found the rulespack below. To purchase a ticket please send £40[...]
all-day Belgian Team Championships 2019 @ Horizon VZW
Belgian Team Championships 2019 @ Horizon VZW
Feb 23 – Feb 24 all-day
Belgian Team Championships 2019 @ Horizon VZW
We are honoured to present the 5th instalment of the Belgian 40K Team Championships Event. As usual, every Team is welcome, be it an actual representation of a Gaming Club, just a bunch of tight[...]
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NuMarines for the competitive win? Yeah nah bro

Greetings loyal citizens.

As I alluded to in the aftermath of the last event I attended, I have abandoned my heresy – for the short term anyways – and decided to see if I can utilise the hammer of the Emperor in a tournament for the first time in close to a decade. Though, once a heretic, always a heretic, so via the median of Indomitus Crusade reinforcements I’ve taken the once-traitors of the Lamenters as my weapon of choice for my next event. They are loyal, alright? Even the Inquisition agreed, after they’d crusaded to their near destruction without being allowed to induct new marines for 100 years. And they’re not cursed, just unlucky. Even more so with me painting them. read more

Coulrophobia – Part 3

Image result for images harlequins 40k

Embrace your Inner Geek here with the Third instalment of my Harlequins Review. This time the generic Stratagems and Enigmas.

Coulrophobia Part 2

Image result for harlequins 40k images

Embrace Your Inner Geek here again with the second instalment of my Harlequins Codex review. Up this time, Masques. 

Masque forms, are the Harlequin equivalent of “chapter tactics”. There are 6, and all have associated Enigmas (what Harlies call their Relics), Warlord Traits and Stratagems. In this instalment I’ll deal with each of the Forms, and discuss their associated rules. They’re not all great to be honest, but there are a couple of really good one.

Whats this 8th ed all about? First Down Under event for a year

Hello folks, Sean here. For those of you that don’t know me, I helped start up the Deathwatch podcast originally, and along with other regular Deathwatch contributor Paul, I started up the Stronghold tournament years ago now, initially to help bring the tournament scene to more casual gamers in the the central belt of Scotland. I enjoyed Liam’s recent post about the expanding Scottish tournament scene and general increase in those looking to play 40k fun but hard, and share his opinion that it’s good to see, as there really was not a lot of it back in the day! read more

Stronghold VII

Hey guys! Apologies for the lack of updates, real life is conspiring against us right now demanding our time. Check out these pictures of the Stronghold VII event in the meantime!

Stronghold VII

Eternal Warrior 2

Caledonian Deathwatch Network is running a second sunday event!

After the huge success of Eternal Warrior last year, we’re bringing it back again.

Check out the event page for more details and bring your A Game



Grand Tournament Final List (Custodes & Salamanders)

Hi there, Kraggi from the Varcan Cluster here.

With the grand tournament first game around 100 hours away… its probably time to finalise my army list…

Upcoming Events

Just a quick blast to our subscribers to let you all know we’ve updated our events calendar for the rest of the year (for events we are aware of). If we have not included an event that you’d like included, then get in touch with us and we will make it happen!

40k as an eSport?

I wanted to write an article about something that has emerged as a hot topic in the weeks following the LVO (no not TonyGate!), and talk about the new business venture that Nick Nanavati has set up for competitive Warhammer 40,000 followers.

If you’re unaware of these, the links below will hopefully explain all:

The Brown Magic

Nights At the Game Table (March 19th Post)

I also want to preface my post by saying that i’ve never played Nick, or indeed never met or spoken to him.

One of the things that I noted from reading some posts on Nick’s website, is that one of his primary goals is to grow and foster the global competitive 40k community. The below excerpt is from his website: read more

Dark Millennium 5 Results

Firstly we would like to put out a massive thank you to all 50 players who attended Dark Millennium 5 – together, you have made this Scotland’s biggest EVER independent Warhammer 40,000 competitive event! We hope that you have enjoyed the weekend and came away with some cool hobby stories!

We would also like to put out some thank yous:

  • Thanks to Steve Fettes and the Common Ground Games team for looking after us all and giving us such a wonderful venue
  • Thanks to Paul Metcalfe for providing the very thematic Dark Millennium trophies!
  • Thanks to Brian McCafferty, not only for his massive assistance on the day, but for the launch of the Caledonian Deathwatch Network!
  • Thanks to Bernard Lee and Innes Wilson for their gargantuan list checking efforts
  • Thank you very much to our event sponsors Secret Weapon – remember to use the discount code on your swag bags!
  • Thank you to Kris Mills and Tim Dagnall for their help with the Judge’s cut for the painting awards
  • Thank you to Bruce Wade for the loan of a camera!
  • And finally – thank you to all the players, who without their support this event would not be possible

Apologies if we have missed anyone! An event of this scale and size does not happen without community support, and I think this has been a massive success in this regard. read more

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