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XIV Legion march on into the Dark Millenium

At the weekend I will be attending Dark Millenium, for the first time since 2016. Fairly excited about it, as not only is it a great event, it also happens to be run by the shadowy form of Mr Liam O’Shea, the ‘instinctive behaviour: lurk’ puppet master of the Caledonian Deathwatch. Also, DM happens to represent the last time I ever done anything of note at an event, when I came 2nd in the 2016 event, just before I absconded from proper tournaments for the best part of 3 years. As I’ve documented in my previous blog posts, its been a rough ride getting back into the swing of things, with a few pastings for me – all be it with forces other than the Death Guard. Hoping to see some progress here, though I do appreciate that its going to be a tough one as there are some very good players coming. I’ve put in a bit of practice though, and know what my army should be able to achieve each turn. read more

The Start of a Torrid Affair

Image result for genestealer cult 40k images

I feel like I’m having an affair!

My Harlequins are like an elegant sophisticated woman – the one you take to the posh restaurant, or the Black Tie Dinner. She would “flow” into her dress and glide across the dance floor, looking stunning. Everybody would admire her from afar, and she would smile and laugh as they plucked up the courage to stutter a few words.

However, once you get home, you go to your separate bedrooms, and her door closes with a “click”.

On the other hand, if GSC was a woman, you might not take her to the posh restaurant (KFC more likely), and she might not turn heads at the Black Tie Dinner (well, she might, but it would be for different reasons). But when you got home…….well, she would probably bring a friend, and you would wake up next morning (maybe), sore, dehydrated and traumatised by what happened ……. but you would be looking forward to next time. read more

LVO 2019

Well the LVO has come and gone and I’m back in the UK (although my brain is still somewhere over the Atlantic!).

Long story short, I had a great time. All my games were fun, all my opponents were good guys, and I had a blast. Vegas is as horrible as ever, but my brother and I found some amazing restaurants, and spent more time together in 3 days than we have in the last 2 years. All in all, a great trip.

One Week to LVO

Practice games have been mixed! Last week I had 2 games against Ynarri, 2 against Death Guard and one against Tau.

Soul Burst is so broken!! If it survives a Ynarri Codex I’ll be very disappointed!

Game one against Ynarri, I was educated on what soul bursting shinning spears can do. My opponent went first, and wiped out my Skyweavers and characters in one turn. The mistake I made was keeping them too close together allowing him to soul burst and attack again. I took them out next turn, but with Soul Bursting Dark Reapers, and 3 Ravagers still on the board, it was “game over man”!  read more

The year of the stinky boys

Hey people, been some time since I last blogged here. In fact, it’s a journey over space and time – six months, different hemispheres and different time zones! But I’m glad to be back in the grim darkness of the Scottish 40k scene, and the brutality that goes with it.

Got a few pummellings at my first couple of events back at Bad Decisions and Rapid Fire respectively, but I feel that was all to the good as I had been out of the loop regards competitive play for the best part of three years. Also, due to real life stuff, I was generally showing up with armies that I hadn’t planned or practiced with at all, therefore I got what I deserved! Picked up my 2016 Tau army built around ghostkeels for one event, and non-Deathwatch Primaris marines for the other, so that was always fail for the fail god. I won only one game at each of those events, with a best sportsmanship award to our team at Bad Decisions all to show for it. I even did myself out of the wooden spoon prize at Rapid Fire, for goodness sake. However, like I said it’s been a good thing – reconnected with some old friends, made new ones and it’s also helped me to discover that I may be over taking the meta lists I used to run, and I need an army that inspires me. read more

Two Weeks to the LVO

Image result for harlequins images 40k

Two weeks to go …. and I’ve decided on my list. After all the drama, I’ve decided to stick with the list I took the the Last Chance Open.

The big issue was whether I dropped the Ravagers. Everybody I talked to though I was mad to even think about dropping them. In retrospect I think I was being overly influenced by the 2 games I lost at the LCO, where they were less than optimal. But looking at all my games in the round, I think they’re the best option  – certainly the most flexible. read more

Three Weeks to LVO

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Well, as of the writing of this post, there are just over 3 weeks to go to the LVO 2019. List submission is 25th January, so I’m in my usual pre tournament list panic!

I’m just back from the Last Chance Open, an ITC Major of around 100 people. I took the following list

Harlies at Scottish Take Over 4

Just back from the Scottish Take Over 4. This is the second event I’ve been to up in Elgin, and it didn’t disappoint. I went up with a couple of friends and we recorded our usual 40k Road Trip for the podcast. You[ll hear it shortly no doubt. These are the more detailed bat reps, and some thoughts on how my list performed.

I took the same list as I took to Rapid Fire the Weekend before. For convenience it was

Harlequins at Rapid Fire 2018 – Tournament Report

I’m just back from Rapid Fire, one of the longest running tournaments in Scotland. I think it’s maybe the 10th year in a row I’ve been? As always Stirling Wargamers put on a great event in their very impressive new premises, and I had a blast.

I took Harlies (surprise surprise), eager to see how the changes in the FAQ effected them. My list

Harlequins post FAQ

So, with the “Dear Games Workshop” letter out the way, it’s time to think a bit harder about how the change to Flip Belts effects the army (none of the other changes really effects Harlequins, other than maybe the change to reserves).

First question is – how important was jumping over models and terrain in the assault phase anyway?

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Caledonian Deathwatch Network

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